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Hiro's list

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Hiro's list
Save Charlie.jpg

First mentioned: Jump, Push, Fall
Owned by: Hiro Nakamura‎
Current status: Original list:
"Save Charlie" note:
In Peter's possession

Hiro made a list of mistakes to correct in the past.


Jump, Push, Fall

After returning from his trip to the past, Hiro realizes that his new destiny is to right all the wrongs of his life. He begins the list.


Hiro is adding more entries to his list, when Ando tells him to forget about the list and face the truth. Just as an argument is about to start, the Dial-A-Hero line rings and Hiro answers Tadashi's call.

Tabula Rasa

At Mercy Heights Hospital, Hiro and Emma converse. Hiro talks about how he once had a friend who stared death in the face and refused to back down. Hiro then exclaims that he can't believe that he left Charlie off the list. He immediately writes on a piece of paper, "Save Charlie."

Later, after Hiro has teleported off, Peter looks at the "Save Charlie" note with frustration.

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