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The Company's files

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The Company's files
Dad's office box.jpg
Noah's Company files

First mentioned: The Second Coming
Owned by: Noah Bennet
Current status: In Samuel's possession

The Company keeps files with information on certain evolved humans.


The Second Coming

Sylar finds Noah’s files in a box at Claire's home. He remarks that he now has a shopping list of abilities. After he takes Claire’s power, he leaves with the files.

Angels and Monsters

Sandra looks through Noah's files when Meredith walks in. Sandra explains to her that Claire lied about the cheerleading retreat and has to be going after one of the escapees, calling them "monsters." Meredith reminds Sandra that Claire can't get hurt, but Sandra pulls out Stephen Canfield's file, saying that he can make people disappear forever, even Claire. Meredith agrees to help find Claire and begins flipping through the files, stopping when she comes across that of Eric Doyle. She tells Sandra that Eric is a horrible man and that they better hope it isn't him Claire went after. After Meredith leaves, Sandra goes back to the files.

When Claire is in Stephen's home, she tells him that she read his file and knows about how he killed his neighbor over a broken lawn mower. Stephen says that it was only an accident and that he never wanted to hurt him. Later, Claire looks through his file and gives him his fanily's most recent phone number.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Peter and Nathan look through Baron Samedi's file, then fly off to Haiti to find him.

The Fifth Stage

Samuel tells Eli to go to Noah Bennet's apartment and retrieve a box marked Primatech.

Noah and Lauren look through the files, and she remarks that she can’t believe that they bagged and tagged all those people. Eli arrives, and creates copies of himself inside the apartment. Noah and Lauren hide in the bathroom, and when they emerge, they discover he took the files.

Upon This Rock

Claire Bennet quickly flips through a box of Noah's files which Samuel Sullivan stole. Inside the box, files about Claire herself, Peter Petrelli, Gabriel, Eden, Maya, Ted, Matt Parkman and D.L. Hawkins can be seen and some photos of a nearby desert.


Noah tells Quentin Frady that they need to get to Odessa and his old files there in hopes of finding Molly Walker before Renautas can find her and use her like the Company once did as a tracking system.

In the ruins of Primatech, Noah enters a secret room in his old office and starts pulling out file boxes. He pulls out one that he tells Quentin would be a gold mine to their enemies as it contains names, powers and contact information for many evos that Noah has bagged and tagged over the years. In the other file boxes, Quentin finds a list of people not at the Odessa Unity Summit which includes Claire, showing to Noah's surprise that she did not die at the summit as he'd believed.

Noah starts to take the file with the evo contact information to his car, but is distracted by the sound of gunfire on Level 5. Noah leaves Quentin to get the file to the car while he investigates. However, Luke and Joanne Collins steal the car after shooting Quentin in the arm. As the file was in the car, they get that too.

In the car, Joanne is shocked to discover the information they need to continue their bloodthirsty quest for revenge against evos and Luke is left wondering who's car they stole.

Under the Mask

Joanne goes through Noah's files to determine who their next target will be. However, while Joanne is happy with the wealth of information they got on potential targets from the files, Luke is less enthusiastic due to his new power and his doubts about their mission.

The Needs of the Many

Using the list of evos from Noah's files, Joanne tracks down Alexander French in St. Louis, Missouri and murders him. When she refuses to give up her bloodthirsty quest and considers the evo list a "godsend", Luke shows her his new power by using it to burn the evo list due to his reluctance to continue their quest. Joanne is enraged, especially when she realizes that her husband is an evo, but can't bring herself to kill him and instead leaves him.



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