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iStory:The Agent/chapter 410 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 10 of The Agent.

All cases (I)

The same night that Rachel agrees to help Rebel rescue a prisoner from Building 26, she heads to the shooting range that is located in the building. While she shoots at targets in the range, she recalls how the range has been a simple aspect of her life that helped her center it during her rough times. She then notes to herself that as soon as the day shift leaves, she plans to attach a silencer to her gun, free a prisoner being held upstairs, and leave it behind forever. Rachel continues that despite this, she is happy because she has found her place in using her ability to help save lives. She notes that Rebel is right that she is doing this last mission to find out more information about her mother, but only so she can tie up that loose end and get on with her life.

At that moment, Rachel is grabbed by several hands. She fights back, but is shoved off the ground and head first into a wall. Rachel is then able to stand up, and she sees Danko there. He holds up his cell phone and video message from Jason plays. The message is to his sister, Janey, and it says that if she received the video, then something happened to him. He continues that he probably screwed up, but she should make up something cool to tell their mother. Jason also adds that Rachel is his new partner, and that if he has a suspicious death while with Rachel, Janey needs to give Jason's superiors this message. He says that he observed in Rachel what might be symptoms of a psychotic break, probably combat-stress-related, and that she could pose a severe threat. Jason also notes that he is investigating further before filing a formal report, but that if she is getting this message, it might be too late.

Danko then shuts off the video and comments that ballistics just confirmed the bullets in Jason's body matched Rachel's gun. Rachel notes to herself that she has spent months using her abilities under Danko's nose, and he is just arresting her for murder. She guesses Danko still thinks she is on his side, but that she is damaged goods. Rachel looks through the cracked shooting range door and at Danko, and then teleports into the hallway. Rachel hears Danko shout that she is one of them, and begins running down the hallway while adding a silencer to her gun.

It's still night outside, but people are moving around in the rooms she is passing. An agent steps out of a hot room, backlighted by an orange glow. Rachel shoots him in the head and keeps moving without looking down. The light at the end of the hallway flickers and Rachel guesses Rebel is telling her where to go. As she approaches, she spots a massive metal door there that Danko added after the last time Rebel tried to break someone out, and she continues toward it.

Finally, Rachel reaches her destination, a room with rows of bodies that stretch into the dark. She notes that their chests rise slowly and faces are tight, that some have their eyes open, but none of them look at her as she passes by them. She hears someone groan, and turns and spots Eric Doyle. Next, Rachel pulls out the tube that is in his nose, and then pulls out the tubes of the man and woman next to him. This causes alarms to start up, and two agents crash through the door and begin firing.

The woman sits up just in time to get shot, and instantly dies. Her blood splatters across another bed, instantly burning through the sheets and flesh of the person laying there. Bullets hit the other man too, but they turn into sand. Eric ducks behind him as the agents continue shooting. Meanwhile Rachel teleports behind the closest agent, whom she recognizes to be Agent Harper. He turns toward Rachel, but she disables him with a jump kick. Before landing back on the ground from her kick, Rachel teleports behind the other agent, who is shooting bullets into the other man she freed. However, the bullets are all turning into sand. The agent screams for them all to stay back, calling them freaks; but the man grabs the agent's shoulder, says "dust to dust", and disintegrates him into chunks of sand. The man then asks the Lord for forgiveness.

Rachel wonders why she is freeing these people, and tells herself that she was destined to do so. She then grabs Eric Doyle and the other man by the arms and tells them it is time to leave. Eric Doyle asks what is happening, and Rachel says she is saving his life again. The other guy asks about the other prisoners, but Rachel tells him that other agents are on the way. She then begins teleporting them through the building. Along the way, she learns the man who can change things into sand is called Gordon.

Rachel takes them to the roof, but when she pushes open the roof door, she sees that the helicopter she was planning to flee in has already lifted off. She also spots two agents sitting in an open doorway of the helicopter. A spotlight then centers on Rachel and her two friends, and Rachel shoves Eric behind Gordon to protect him. She then teleports herself up into the helicopter seconds before the two agents in the chopper begin firing machine guns at them. Seconds later, Rachel forces the shooters out the still airborne helicopter and they stop shooting. She then points her gun on the pilot. He tells her to remain calm, but Rachel tells him it wouldn't matter because she is certifiably insane. The pilot responds by asking her what she wants, and Rachel instructs him to take them out of there.

They touch down in a dew-covered field at sunrise, and the helicopter becomes silent. Eric and Rachel go for a walk together while Gordon prays. Eric comments that he guesses Rachel isn't going to be undercover at Building 26 anymore, and Rachel confirms that she can never go back. Eric then sees Rachel checking her phone again, and asks if there is still no word from her friend. Rachel responds that there isn't and that Rebel hasn't sent anything either. However, just then, Rachel's phone buzzes with a new text from Rebel.

Eric tells Rachel that Rebel always comes through, and she replies that it would be great if he could do so without her getting shot at. Then, Rachel opens the message and reads that something went wrong at the circus. She asks why he didn't tell her sooner, and Rebel tells her he didn't know until it was too late. Then, Rebel tells Rachel something that makes her feel as though the sky landed on her head. Rachel races back to the helicopter, shouting for Gordon to untie the pilot. She has just learned that Anna got herself into a jam.

Options (I)

The player then gets to choose whether to continue as Rachel that morning, or as Anna the previous night.

All cases (II)

Coming Soon

Next week: the two-part finale of "The Agent" begins!

Rachel learns that life after Building 26 still involves a lot of Building 26. Rachel squares off against a new adversary and an old ally.

They will make her an offer that she can't refuse.


  • There are only two options, and the player is allowed to follow one after the other. The order in which the options are chosen does not affect the outcome. However, to follow events in order of occurrence, Option 1B should be followed first.


  • In the original version of chapter 410, released April 14, 2009, the chapter ended with Rachel receiving a text from Rebel, and then the following prompt:

Coming Soon

A few hours ago: Anna found herself holding the fate of "Ellen" — the fugitive underground railroad — in her hands. But one of her companions had a secret that she would die to protect. And things began to spiral out of control...

Rachel learns that life after Building 26 still involves a lot of Building 26. Rachel squares off against a new adversary and an old ally. They make an offer that she can't refuse.

  • On Friday, April 17, 2009, the prompt was removed and chapter 410 continued with Anna arriving at the circus.