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Crazy Tom

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Crazy Tom
First appearance The Agent
Debut April 10, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Illusion
Occupation Circus performer

Crazy Tom is a performer in the circus whom Anna is sent to rescue.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 9 of The Agent, a man in the back tent of a circus is all tied up in chains. After closing time, he stares at Anna and she thinks he has a crazy grin. A short while later, the ringmaster informs Anna that the government is coming for everyone but himself, and the chains around the man with the crazy grin suddenly melt, revealing jeans and a T-shirt. The man then winks at Anna. Some time later, the man huddles with Anna and the other circus performers in the dark. He and everyone else freeze as they spot lots of people moving around quietly outside.

In chapter 10 of The Agent, the man whom Anna thinks is always smiling hides with Anna and the other circus staff in a cellar underneath the circus while agents search above them. Anna notes that his clothes continue to change--that he is sometimes in a straitjacket, other times a tux, and sometimes jeans.

In chapter 11 of The Agent, Anna runs into the crazy man in the Ellen drop point building. He shifts his clothes from black to gray, having blended into the walls. After Linda shoots herself, the crazy man kneels beside her body and checks her pulse. He then says to Anna "It's finished".

In chapter 12 of The Agent, Linda gives a speech to her fugitives inside the Ellen Warehouse regarding a woman who will come looking for her. Tom changes his clothes and heads into another room, prompting Linda to follow him. Linda informs him that his role is vital and that he needs to be the first to her. When she is about to leave, Tom grabs her arm and drops his crazy grin. He changes their clothes so that they are in formal outfits and attempts to convince her not to go through with her plan. Linda apologizes and rushes off. Later, after Linda shoots herself, Tom is the first to reach her and says "It's finished".

Tom stays with Linda while the attack on the Ellen Warehouse occurs. After everyone else has run, Tom takes Linda outside and says goodbye to her. She thanks him for all his help and the friends part ways. Later, Tom arrives with the other members of Ellen to greet Linda/Leona at the bus stop.

The Civilian

In chapter 1 of The Civilian, Tom comes to the town of Lyneboro, Connecticut and seeks out Rachel - now a civilian police officer. Tom sets up a meeting with Rachel by leaving a trail of messages that leads to a meeting in the woods outside of her house. Rachel sees Tom outside, just as he is beginning to use his ability to disguise himself, and gives chase, using her own ability to get close enough to tackle him and knock him to the ground. Rachel recognizes Tom from the time with Ellen. Tom explains he is there to deliver a message from Leona, Rachel's mother who has just arrived in town, wanting a meeting - specifically in the diner on main street. It is here Tom begins to imply he had a sort of relationship with Leona, but Rachel advises him to stop talking.

Evolved Human Abilities

Crazy Tom is capable of casting illusions over anything he is touching. He often uses his ability to transform his clothing as well as that of others.

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