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Theory:Daphne Millbrook

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The following fan theories are about Daphne Millbrook.

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Theory Citations Notes
Future Daphne is the new timeline's version of the agent from Walls. None + When the explosion future was changed, it could have changed who made the agent ranks.
- Future Daphne works for Pinehearst; the other agent works for the Department of Homeland Security.
+ Both organizations hunt down evolved humans in the future.

+ The altering of the future could have changed to whom the ability of super speed would go to.

- Daphne had already manifested super speed when Hiro and Ando started altering the future.
- The agent and Daphne are of different races, so altering the future is unlikely to change any issues in regards to inheritance of the ability.

+ Altering the future could have prevented a condition that enabled the original agent to develop her ability.

Daphne's spirit animal is the rabbit. None + Matt's spirit animal is the turtle, so the rabbit could serve as a foil to that in a "tortoise and hare" way.
- The tortoise and the hare were not romantically involved.

+ She is fast, like a rabbit.

- Cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world.
- But Matt Parkman isn't slow, like a turtle.

Sylar gave Danko a stuffed rabbit the episode before Daphne died. If Daphne was the rabbit as Matt was the turtle, then this would be foreshadowing/irony.

Matt Parkman killed Daphne when they flew into space together. Daphne's "Fly me to the moon." + Suffering bodily damage from a dream state has been shown to cause physical bodily harm as well (such as Matt's knife wound in It's Coming), and flying to the moon would be fatal.
- Matt has control over the illusions he creates, he wouldn't let it hurt Daphne.

- Flying to the moon didn't kill Matt.

+ Although it is unknown exactly how this works, it is unlikely that Matt is pushing thoughts into his own head. Hence only Daphne believes she is going to space.
- Daphne knew it was an illusion. Her body wouldn't react as though it was real.

+ Her death directly followed their ascension into space.

- Post hoc ergo propter hoc (Correlation, not causation).
We don't know how much time was between Daphne requesting to go to the moon and the scene where her heart stops.

+ It is unlikely that doctors wouldn't be nearby and instead allowing him to visit if her condition was not stable.

- Matt controlled the doctor with his power, they'd leave them alone if he commanded them to.
+ He wouldn't command them to leave her to die. When doctors think they are losing a patient, they do absolutely everything they can to keep them alive.
- Matt controlled the minds of Danko's agents in Cold Snap and Exposed, even though they believed the specials were dangerous and were under direct orders to kill them. One would assume that their brains would be working at the same level.
- She may have been kept alive by machines.
+ Regardless, the doctors must have thought she was stable in her current state. If readings became dangerous, there would be several doctors in there at once.
- If her mind was still working but her body was being kept alive by machines, there would be different protocols. Patients high on the "could kick the bucket any moment now" list tend to have receive less medical watch than the patients who have a higher chance at survival.
Daphne can be brought back to life if she comes into contact with Matt Jr. None + Matt Jr.'s ability may be able to bring people back to life and not just objects.
- Matt Jr.'s ability doesn't bring objects to life, it merely powers them, making them function.

- Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete, from Behind the Eclipse Week 19: "Daphne's dead, baby. Daphne's dead."

The writers have lied to us before.
How is ability supercharging a lie?
Greg Grunberg also confirmed that Daphne is gone for good.

- In the cases of characters coming back from the dead, only a few hours passed in the longest recorded time between death and resurrection (Noah Bennet in Cautionary Tales). Daphne's been dead for at least a day now, possibly longer. Were Baby Matt to revive her, we don't know if she'd come back fully alive, in a zombie or vegetative state.

Daphne is slower than Edgar. None + He has had his powers longer.
+ He has superior reflexes.

- Peter got Edgar's ability and managed to beat him.

+ Not because he was faster, but because he made better use of his speed.

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