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Theory:Elle Bishop

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The following fan theories are about Elle Bishop.

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Theory Citations Notes
Elle is related to Niki somehow. None + Just like Claire and Meredith, they all share some resemblance.
- They all have blond hair, but there are a lot of blond women in the world.

+ Micah is Niki's son and his ability is similar to Elle's as it deals with electricity.

- Micah's ability deals more with electric signals than with electricity itself.
Elle is the sister of another evolved human with the same ability. None + Many characters with electromagnetic powers are twins, sisters, or something else, representing a positive or a negative energy charge.
+ There are at least two other evolved humans with this power or something similar.
Elle is the sister of the future agent with a similar ability. None + He would fit as the polar opposite for Elle personality.

+ Both work for an organization that deals with evolved humans.
Given the five year difference, they may be close in age.

Elle is the sister of the teenage patient with a similar ability. None + The patient had the power to absorb electricity, while Elle seems to create it, making their powers fit if they are twins/siblings.
Elle has the ability to emit electromagnetic pulses. None + Noah Bennet was able to describe to Ted Sprague the way to emit an EMP from the perspective of an evolved human.
- Ted's power was induced radioactivity; nuclear explosions can create EMPs. For Elle to generate a non-nuclear EMP, she'd probably need additional equipment.

- Elle has never exhibited this ability.

Elle Bishop would have been the mother of Sylar's son from the future. None No mention of the identity of Noah's mother was made.

It's likely that Sylar's son will play no further role in the show. As that possible future will be prevented in some way.

+ Elle has been killed off in the new timeline.

+ Noah had much lighter hair than his father, indicating that Noah's mother may have had blond hair, not unlike Elle.
+ Elle seems to trust HRG - enough to go looking for him to help her get control over her powers. In the wake of her father's death, Elle may see HRG as a new father figure and may have been the person who named Noah in his honor.
+ Elle and Sylar had sex. (The Eclipse, Part 2)

- Elle also died. (The Eclipse, Part 2)
+ Elle can still be Noah Gray's mother only if the timeline containing that future already branched off of the current timeline prior to Elle's death. Since we are not following a timeline in which Sylar did not kill Elle, we may never know who Noah's mother is.

+ Aron Coleite, writer of The Eclipse, Part 1 and The Eclipse, Part 2, revealed in the 10th Wonder Podcast that, "We will find out who the mother is sometime during 'The Eclipse'" and Elle was the only one Sylar had sex or any intimate relations with during that episode.

+ Prior to The Eclipse episodes, Heroes creator Tim Kring was also quoted as saying, "We will find out [who Noah's mother is], yes. We will know very soon."

- There is no other Noah character except of Noah Bennet, so it is weird why the character's name is Noah. It is possible that Noah is the child of Claire.

Sylar and Elle are both somewhat insane, not to mention twisted. By their reasoning, Noah might have been responsible for their meeting, and (consequently) their son's birth. This could lead them to naming the child after the man who was responsible for their relationship.
Elle's loss of control over her own powers could be related to Sylar's attack on her. None + Elle's didn't start to lose her powers until after the fight. Maybe Sylar trying to remove her skull caused her ability to somehow leak out of her.

+ Claire's powers also began to malfunction immediately after Sylar attacked her.

- Claire's power isn't malfunctioning, but allowing her not to feel pain. It's just a new found addition to the ability.

+ After Sylar helped her express herself, she regained control of her ability. (It's Coming)
+ Elle has been through many emotional experiences, this could cause her to lose control of her ability.
+ Powers can be affected by powerful emotions, such as Hiro's powers failing him when he lost confidence. It's possible the death of her father and the end of the only life she's known is why she's now unable to control her power. Thus, it could be related to, but not directly caused by, Sylar's attack.

Elle's loss of control of her power is related to the electrical blast that came from her body when Sylar tried to take her power. None + As far as we know, Elle has not performed a blast that big since she developed her ability.

Elle stated she caused a blackout in four counties in Ohio when she was eight. (Four Months Ago)

We did not see the real Elle at the end of The Eclipse, Part 2. None + Elle was acting extremely out of character in the last scene. She flinched. She slept with the man earlier in that day, flipped out when she thought he died, but then she flinches when he touches her? And, last time he tried to kill her, she exploded. This time, not even a zap? Something doesn't add up here.
Elle flinched because Sylar was hurting her. When she told Sylar, he replied, "I know".

+ How did Elle get to the beach? We didn't see Hiro transport her there. As far as we know, he has to go with someone when he transports them. Plus, he still thought he was ten at the time.

- We did see Hiro transport her, from the Bennet house. We didn't actually see him appear at the beach end of the transport, but he most likely did it so quickly that we just didn't see him.

- It's possible she simply resigned herself to death and let Sylar kill her.

Elle didn't look like she wanted to be killed.
- If Sylar had murdered someone and not been able to extract an ability, he would have known.
- Before Sylar murdered Elle, he had minimal control over his electric manipulation. Afterwards, he was almost as skillful as Elle was.
In the end, both Claire and Elle cared what happened to each other. None - Elle didn't seem shocked that her intended shot for Noah hit Claire.
She didn't know Claire's power wasn't working.

Sylar was also next to her, if she looked shocked he would be suspicious.

Sylar just had his arm dislocated, how she felt about Claire was the least of his concerns at the time.
+ When Sylar was sent to get Claire, Elle looked worried, and when Sylar said Elle was dead Claire seemed a bit sad.
- Elle could be worried about Sylar, since they were on good terms now, or could be worried about having to deal with Noah.
+ Elle and Sylar still had powers then; Noah would not have been much of an impediment.
- Claire didn't look sad, she was surprised that Sylar killed Elle after seeing them working together.

- Elle shooting Claire would seem to cancel out any bond they formed on the plane, at least on Claire's part.

Elle Bishop and Noah are related, possibly as sister and brother. None + Bob was born seventeen years before Noah was born, making him just old enough to be Noah's father.

+ Elle's mother is unmentioned, perhaps the supposed connection between Elle and Claire is Elle is her half-aunt.
+ This ties in with Sylar as Claire's uncle if in the exposed future, he fathered a son with her adopted aunt.
+ This ties in with Sylar's link with Noah, he was involved with his sister.
- So Noah, the great family man, tries to murder his own father and little sister?
+ His father and sister were threatening his daughter.
+ Switching your last name from Bishop to Bennet to Butler (Four Months Later) is not a huge stretch. Perhaps he wanted to prove his own value, instead of being known as the Boss's illegitimate kid.
- Bennet has no knowledge of Linderman's connection to the Company and is imprisoned without appeal (Parasite). It would be very odd if his father was one of the leaders...
+ Neither Bob nor Noah may know if they're related as cousins or father and son.
+ Neither Nathan nor Peter Petrelli seemed aware of their parents' activities at the Company.
- Thompson mentions bringing him in personally. (.07%).
+ An "HRG" shot with Bob (over the shoulder, from the back) was in Powerless. Besides being symbolic reference of Bob's control over Noah, it could also be symbolic of their possible family ties.
+ Sylar's child is implied to be Elle's. It would normal to name your son after your brother.

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