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"It starts with light, and ends with light, and in between there is darkness."

First mentioned: Genesis
Date of event: October 1, 2006 and others
Location: Worldwide

On October 1st, 2006, a solar eclipse occurs and is observed by several strangers around the world. Similar eclipses occur in 1671, 2007, and on June 13, 2014. The eclipse has been shown to have an effect on people's abilities.



Peter Petrelli notices out of the back window of Mohinder Suresh's cab that an eclipse is beginning. Mohinder says that it will not be seen in full in New York. He says it is a global event, and it makes people realize how small the world is. They have a conversation about evolution and being special. In Japan, Hiro Nakamura is awed by the eclipse, while his exercising coworkers at Yamagato Industries (including Ando Masahashi) appear oblivious to the event. In Odessa, TX, Claire Bennet and her friend Zach stare at the sky, having just left a massive train wreck. In Las Vegas, Niki Sanders finds her son's pinhole viewer. She peeks at the sky just before noticing intruders.

Nothing to Hide

As Peter reads a newspaper (the New York Telegraph) at Charles Deveaux's apartment, the back page reports "Skies Clear For Solar Eclipse".

Six Months Ago

When Heidi's surgeon tells Nathan of his wife's condition, a reflection of a light causes an eclipse-like reflection on a glass pane.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Hiro time travels to 1671 Japan and sees several samurai preparing to battle Takezo Kensei. As the sky goes dark from a solar eclipse, the men stop in their tracks and look up in awe.

Four Months Later...

In 1671 outside Otsu, Japan, Hiro, Whitebeard, and Kensei watch a complete solar eclipse. During the eclipse, Whitebeard's men fire their arrows toward Hiro, who stops time in the darkness of the eclipse and escapes danger.

It's Coming

In Botswana, Arthur Petrelli sees a painting of an eclipse outside Usutu's hut.

Arthur, using his precognitive powers, paints an eclipse in his office at Pinehearst Headquarters with his team viewing. Immediately following, he states, "It's coming."

On the back page of a 9th Wonders! comic, Hiro and Ando see Isaac's drawing of an eclipse along with a caption that says, "It's coming."

The Eclipse, Part 1

Arthur's picture comes true as the eclipse comes again taking away people's abilities. After Matt, Hiro and Ando find Daphne in her home town, the eclipse casts a shadow over The Millbrooks' home. Matt tries to persuade Mr. Millbrook into letting him in, with no luck. When Mr. Millbrook eventually leaves, Daphne allows Matt in, and he sees her walking with leg braces.

Mohinder rips himself free from one of his cocoons, and notes that all traces of his ability are gone.

Elle and Sylar barge into The Canfields' home to take Claire, but when they realize they do not have their abilities, Elle ultimately shoots a gun at Noah, and Claire takes the bullet, but doesn't heal.

Nathan and Peter fly over Haiti, but as soon as the eclipse takes effect, they fall into a lake. They meet up with The Haitian, who tells them that he too, has lost his ability, and that the eclipse is to blame.

Graphic Novel:The Caged Bird, Part 1

Shortly after Daphne's mother's death, an eclipse occurs on October 1, 2006, allowing Daphne, who was previously physically impaired, is able to stand, walk, and run again without the use of crutches.

The Eclipse, Part 2

As soon as the eclipse is over, everyone's abilities return. Claire and Sylar are revived. Mohinder goes to see Maya, but leaves when he notices that his skin is scaly again. Nathan flies Baron Samedi into a car, and The Haitian is able to render him unconscious. As soon as Daphne is able to walk without her leg braces, she leaves her father, but Matt is able to help them resolve their issues.

Elle holds lightning to Sandra, and Sylar begins to cut Noah's throat. Hiro leaves the comic book store, after looking through back issues of 9th Wonders! (one of which features an eclipse on the cover) and finding out that he needs Claire to regain his memories. He teleports both Sylar and Elle out of The Bennets' home before coming back for Claire.

Cold Snap

Apparently the second eclipse also gave or activated abilities like the first as Janice Parkman said that her son, Matt Parkman Jr., got his power during the second eclipse.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 4

On June 13, 2014, in Odessa, TX, Quentin looks up to see the Sun blocked out like an eclipse. He believes the darkness is caused by his sister stealing the light.

Brave New World

At the Odessa Unity Summit, something blots out the sun, which appears to be an eclipse, just before a huge explosion occurs.

In the Arctic, Malina creates an aurora that has a void in the middle of it, similar to an eclipse.

June 13th, Part One

While trying to create more darkness, Phoebe Frady creates a massive cloud that deactivates all the powers of the evos at the Odessa Peace Summit and creates an eclipse shortly before Harris bombs the summit.

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 3 of Operation Bad Blood, an eclipse takes away Anna and Red Eye’s powers before he can begin his plan to destroy the Kill Squad.

In chapter 4 of Operation Bad Blood, the eclipse ends.

Operation Splinter

In chapter 3 of Operation Splinter, an eclipse occurs.

In chapter 4 of Operation Splinter, the eclipse ends.

Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, Noah Bennet describes the eclipse-like event that occurs at the summit, right before the explosion: "A massive shadow fell across the compound. The air turned cold, almost as if an eclipse was blocking out the sun... This was no naturally occurring phenomenon. It had to be the work of —"

In the Arctic, Malina creates an aurora, "but the center of this incredible light show remained empty, untouched, a void. To the naked eye, it looked like an eclipse, that moment when a heavenly body passes between the earth and the sun, a corona appearing round the central circle of darkness."

Memorable Quotes


"Solar eclipse."

"Yeah. Yeah, I wonder if it's gonna be total."

"Not here, no. In some other part of the world, yes. A global event. Makes one appreciate just how small our planet really is. And we're all quite small really, aren't we?"

- Peter, Mohinder (Genesis)

"It's coming."

- Arthur, after sketching an eclipse (It's Coming)


  • Hiro notes the eclipses beauty in a blog entry.
  • In an interview, when asked about the solar eclipse in Genesis, Tim Kring says "In the pilot, the eclipse was really meant mainly to be a single global event that could connect all these characters visually and in time. But that's not to say that we won't discover that it maybe had some other effects, as well. We will, but it will not be explained for a while."
  • In an interview (called "Behind the Eclipse", coincidentally), Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite were asked about the eclipse-like lighting above Nathan's head in the hospital after Heidi's accident. In response, the producers/writers said, "There [are] no coincidences in lighting." (Six Months Ago)
  • Total solar eclipses are typically visible in a swath about 100 miles wide and several thousand miles long, with a partial eclipse visible over a much larger range. However, they are not global events, affecting only about 1/3 of the Earth's surface. In the real world, no total eclipse will touch the continental USA until 2017, with another appearing in 2024. There has not been one near the east coast since 1970. No eclipse was/will be total in Las Vegas in the 20th or 21st centuries. The 2024 eclipse passes over Dallas and Buffalo, NY but is not total in Odessa, TX.
  • There were no total eclipses of the sun visible in 1671, and no total eclipse came near Kyoto in the entire 17th century. A partial eclipse was visible in Japan in Sept 1671. Additionally, there were no total solar eclipses in 2007. There were two partial eclipses in March and September of 2007. In a real total solar eclipse, the edge of the shadow of the moon is not nearly as sharp as dramatized, and it moves at over 1,000 miles per hour over the surface of the Earth.
  • In Chapter 4, Part 1: Kensei and the Dragon of Sword Saint, the Dragon of Kiso Mountain is said to have blotted out the sun across all of Japan.


  • Tim Sale first created the painting of the eclipse in black and white; Dave Stewart then colored the background dark blue.
  • Solar eclipses are actually not global. A solar eclipse is almost never seen from everywhere on the earth. A solar eclipse can even happen in one place and never be observed in another.
  • Talking about The Eclipse, Part 1, director Greg Beeman said: "Of course, we all had to get past the un-reality of the event. In real life there would never be a full eclipse visible from all these places on Earth at the same time. Eclipses also never last for this kind of duration." [1]
  • In Hiros, Eclipse Mints can be seen in the background when Matt faints.


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