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Theory:Faith and religion

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The following fan theories are about faith and religion.

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Theory Citations Notes
There is an incredibly powerful being guiding the events in Heroes, whether it be God, a god, or an evolved human. None + Most of the prophecies made by Isaac, Peter and Sylar are only relevant to the events that involve them; what are the chances that Isaac would paint Hiro's battle with Adam in Out of Time in the same series as the painting of Noah being shot by Mohinder? The events are 400 years apart. (The Line)

+ Something prevents Hiro from causing a rift through time travel.

- There is no evidence supporting the fact that he hasn't already.
Absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence.

+ Despite painting a grim future, Nathan exhibits free will by flying Peter above New York City.
+ Monica prayed that God would give her an exit from the slums of New Orleans. Her prayer appears to be answered in the form of an ability.

- Coincidence.
+ There are no coincidences, only twists of fate.
- There is no fate, only our choices and consequences.
- Abilities can be given with the help of the formula, not prayers.

+ The Symbol often appears with the "evolved humans." The symbol could be the "signature" of their ultimate designer (similar to how and artists signs his artwork).

Mythological figures in the world of Heroes were actually evolved humans. None - Heroes will probably not touch upon cultural or religious legends as it may be taken offensively.

+ Bob has the power to turn objects into gold, like King Midas. His computer password reflects the legend. (Powerless)

- Bob is not King Midas. Bob lives in the present. King Midas (assuming he was real in Heroes) lived in the past.
+ Abilities repeat; Nathan and West can both fly, Adam and Claire can both regenerate, Maury and Matt are both telepathic, Richard Drucker and Hana both have electronic data transception, Meredith and the Company agent Maarten can both manipulate fire.
- This is not proof that King Midas existed in Heroes.
Perhaps he is suggesting that those people were reincarnations of past figures.
- According to the legend, King Midas wasn't an evolved human, he was cursed.
- According to that logic, many of the current Heroes are "cursed" (i.e. Claire).

+ Takezo Kensei was a mythological Japanese hero. In reality, his story was the combination of the journeys of an evolved human with immortality and an evolved human with the power to bend time and space. The legend was exaggerated by Yaeko. (Out of Time)
+ Benjamin Franklin was an evolved human. (A Lesson in Electricity)

- Not a mythological figure.

+ Kaito tells Hiro that they have the power of gods, but should not play God. (Cautionary Tales)

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