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Theory:Janice Parkman

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The following fan theories are about Janice Parkman.

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Theory Citations Notes
Janice has an ability. None + The ability of Matt Jr. is not his father's ability.
- Edward and Santiago have the same ability, while Iris has a different ability.
This is when both parents have an ability; Matt Jr. only has one evolved parent, so it could work differently.

However it seems that abilities are inherited from one parent if the other parent has no ability (Matt and Maury Parkman, Sylar and Samson Gray).
+ Greg Grunberg hinted that Janice has secrets.

- They may not be related to having a power.

- Just because ability heredity exists, it doesn't mean the child has to have the same ability as one of the parents.

- Claire's ability is different from both of her parents.
Nathan having a synthetic ability could have had some effect on natural ability heredity.
- Peter's ability is different from both of his parents.
- Micah's ability is different from both of his parents.
- Elle's ability is different from Bob's.
But nothing is known about Elle's mother.

- If Janice had an ability, the government would be hunting her as well, when they came to her, they were there for her son.

+ The government is not omniscient.
- They do have access to lots of databases.
+ In Cold Snap they were to take her and baby Matt.
- It wouldn't fit their story if they had ask only for the baby.
- In Rebellion, Part 1, they took all Dawsons, although Monica is the only one with a power.
+ Micah also has an ability, and it is clear that they were looking for Micah instead of Damon.
+ The Dawson/Hawking family is an evolved family, so Nana could have an ability.
+ Evolved humans need to discover their powers, none of them are born knowing they have powers or what their powers are, so Janice could be the person who Matt Jr. inherited his powers from and she just never knew she had any powers.

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