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Ability heredity

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Ability heredity
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Chris and Gail Bowman have passed on an ability to their daughter.

Several evolved humans descend from parents who are also evolved humans, indicating that special abilities may be hereditary.


The basic premise behind Chandra Suresh's research is that humans are on the brink of an advance of evolution, and that there are genetic markers in DNA/RNA that can be used to predict the emergence of special abilities.

Genetic Markers

Using data from the Human Genome Project, Dr. Suresh was able to create a list of humans that could possibly exhibit the abilities predicted by his theories. While Chandra was able to find one example, he was unfortunately murdered before he could go public with his discoveries.

Minors with Abilities

While most of the known evolved humans did not discover their special abilities until their 20's or 30's, there are a few examples of children who have demonstrated powers at much younger ages. Most of these children have parents who are also confirmed evolved humans. Observing certain trends in the "passing down" of genes, two minors with powers (Claire Bennet and Micah Sanders) share the common thread of both parents being special. Molly Walker's father James Walker is an evolved human, however nothing much is known about her mother except that Sylar did not remove her brain.

Sanjog Iyer has demonstrated special abilities as a child; information about his parents is unknown. In an alternate future, Janice Parkman's son Matthew (who was was believed to be the son of Matt Parkman) was noted as a "child of interest" to Homeland Security (Five Years Gone). In the present timeline he has an ability that manifiested during the second eclipse and Homeland Security comes after him. Thanks to him restoring part of Hiro's power, Hiro, Ando and Matt Parkman Jr. get away.

Before these children are able to control or understand their abilities, it seems that they are controlled by emotions. For instance, when Alice Shaw is scared or angry, she causes sandstroms or thunderstorms, whilst when she is happy it's sunny. The same is true for Matt Parkman's son.

When discussing Claire's children and their powers, Noah Bennet theorizes that they will get them at around fifteen since Claire did. Indeed, both Nathan and Malina are shown to have gotten their powers around the age of fifteen. (June 13th, Part One) Nathan had his power from the womb as well. (June 13th, Part Two)

Siblings and Other Relations

Another indication that special powers run in families is the tendency of siblings to have powers, although it does not guarantee powers. Micah's cousin Monica has revealed special traits. However, for her they did not manifest until her early 20s. Her brother Damon has not exhibited abilities yet.

Nathan Petrelli and Peter Petrelli are brothers who have powers, and both of their parents have abilities. It should be noted that Nathan was given synthetic abilities because his genetic makeup was able to handle it. René and Baron Samedi are also half-brothers, both of whom have abilities, as did their father. Similarly, the twins Maya and Alejandro Herrera are siblings with complementary powers, but information about their relatives is unknown. Debbie and Piper are twins, yet one has an ability while the other does not. Niki, Tracy, and Barbara are estranged triplets, and each was given a different ability, while siblings Flint and Meredith Gordon possess nearly identical abilities. Tommy Clark and Malina are twins who possess different abilities, but are also descended from at least four generations of evos. However, while Tommy inherited a version of his great-grandfather's power, Malina didn't have an ability similar to any of her ancestors.

Uncle/niece relatives Richard Drucker and Hana Gitelman share the same ability of digital communication.

Siblings or children of evolved humans are not guaranteed to have powers of their own. For example, Nathan Petrelli has two sons, but neither of them has yet demonstrated special abilities, nor has Hiro's sister, Kimiko. While Charles Deveaux had an ability, his daughter, Simone, never showed evidence of one. Mohinder's sister Shanti Suresh may have had powers: she had some kind of genetic abnormality, her parents described her as "special", and she inspired her father's research. Mohinder, however, has not shown any evidence of naturally occurring powers.

Examples of Inheritance

Child Ability Parents/Grandparents (ability)
Claire Bennet Rapid cell regeneration The daughter of Nathan Petrelli (flight (synthetic)) and Meredith Gordon (pyrokinesis)
The granddaughter of Angela Petrelli (precognitive dreaming) and Arthur Petrelli (ability absorption)
The great granddaughter of Mr. Shaw (seismic burst)
Elle Bishop Electric manipulation The daughter of Bob Bishop (alchemy)
Jennie Bowman Fire breathing The daughter of Gail Bowman and Chris Bowman (both fire breathers)
Tommy Clark Ability absorption The son of Claire Bennet (rapid cell regeneration) and Hammer (unknown ability)
The grandson of Nathan Petrelli (flight synthetic) and Meredith Gordon (pyrokinesis)
The great-grandson of Angela Petrelli (precognitive dreaming) and Arthur Petrelli (ability absorption)
The great-great grandson of Mr. Shaw (seismic burst)
Jose Gutierrez Phasing The son of Oscar Gutierrez (enhanced strength)
D.L. Hawkins Phasing The son of Paulette Hawkins (ability augmentation)
Jack Telekinesis The son of Aviv (telekinesis)
Rachel Mills Teleportation The daughter of Leona Mills (age transferal)
Hiro Nakamura Space-time manipulation The son of Kaito (probability computation) and Ishi Nakamura (healing)
Malina Elemental control The daughter of Claire Bennet (rapid cell regeneration) and Hammer (unknown ability)
The granddaughter of Nathan Petrelli (flight synthetic) and Meredith Gordon (pyrokinesis)
The great-granddaughter of Angela Petrelli (precognitive dreaming) and Arthur Petrelli (ability absorption)
The great-great granddaugher of Mr. Shaw (seismic burst)
Maury Parkman Telepathy The son of Edith Parczak (unknown ability)
Matt Parkman Telepathy The son of Maury Parkman (telepathy)
The grandson of Edith Parczak (unknown ability)
Matt Parkman, Jr. Activation and deactivation The son of Matt Parkman (telepathy)
The grandson of Maury Parkman (telepathy)
The great grandson of Edith Parczak (unknown ability)
Peter Petrelli Formerly empathic mimicry The son of Angela Petrelli (precognitive dreaming) and Arthur Petrelli (ability absorption)
The grandson of Mr. Shaw (seismic burst)
Angela Petrelli Precognitive dreaming The daughter of Mr. Shaw (seismic burst)
René Mental manipulation The son of Guillame (bliss and horror)
Baron Samedi Impenetrable skin The son of Guillame (bliss and horror)
Micah Sanders Technopathy The son of D.L. Hawkins (phasing) and Niki Sanders (enhanced strength (synthetic))
The grandson of Paulette Hawkins (ability augmentation)
Santiago Accelerated probability The son of Edward (accelerated probability) and Iris (pyrokinesis)
Alice Shaw Weather control The daughter of Mr. Shaw (seismic burst)
Ted Sprague Induced radioactivity The son of Mindy Sprague (energy absorption, transference, and redirection)
Amanda Strazzulla Spontaneous combustion The daughter of Lydia (empathy)
Sylar Intuitive aptitude The son of Samson Gray (intuitive aptitude)
Becky Taylor Invisibility The daughter of Mr. Taylor (seismic burst)
James Walker Freezing The son of Ida May Walker (mediumship)
Molly Walker Clairvoyance The daughter of James Walker (freezing)
The granddaughter of Ida May Walker (mediumship)

Evolved human Siblings

Evolved human Ability Sibling (ability)
Tommy Clark Ability absorption The fraternal twin brother of Malina (elemental control)
Cole Carbon isolation and formation The fraternal twin brother of Mykah (silicon manipulation)
Cooper Electric manipulation The brother of Toby (inflammation)
Evan Davis Danger sensing The brother of Josh Davis (shape shifting)
Josh Davis Shape shifting The brother of Evan Davis (danger sensing)
Flint Gordon, Jr. Pyrokinesis The brother of Meredith Gordon (pyrokinesis)
Meredith Gordon Pyrokinesis The sister of Flint Gordon, Jr. (pyrokinesis)
Malina Elemental control The fraternal twin sister of Tommy Clark (ability absorption)
Alejandro Herrera Alejandro's ability The fraternal twin brother of Maya Herrera (poison emission)
Maya Herrera Poison emission The fraternal twin sister of Alejandro Herrera (Alejandro's ability)
Marc Health optimizing The brother of Seal (intuitive empathy and empathy communication)
Mykah Silicon manipulation The fraternal twin sister of Cole (carbon isolation and formation)
Nathan Petrelli Flight (synthetic) The brother of Peter Petrelli (empathic mimicry)
Peter Petrelli Empathic mimicry The brother of Nathan Petrelli (flight (synthetic))
Angela Petrelli Precognitive dreaming The elder sister of Alice Shaw (weather control)
René Mental manipulation The half brother of Baron Samedi (impenetrable skin)
Baron Samedi Impenetrable skin The half brother of René (mental manipulation)
Niki Sanders Enhanced strength (synthetic) The estranged triplet* sister of Tracy Strauss (freezing (synthetic))
Seal Intuitive empathy and empathy communication The brother of Marc (health optimizing)
Alice Shaw Weather control The younger sister of Angela Petrelli (precognitive dreaming)
Tracy Strauss Freezing (synthetic) The estranged triplet* sister of Niki Sanders
(enhanced strength (synthetic))
Joseph Sullivan Empathic manipulation The brother of Samuel Sullivan (terrakinesis)
Samuel Sullivan Terrakinesis The brother of Joseph Sullivan (empathic manipulation)
Toby Inflammation The brother of Cooper (electric manipulation)

Other Relations Between Evolved Humans

Evolved human Ability Relative (ability)
Abu Aswan Levitation A distant descendant of Khufu (levitation)
Claire Bennet Rapid cell regeneration The niece of Peter Petrelli (empathic mimicry)
The niece of Flint Gordon, Jr. (pyrokinesis)
The great niece of Alice Shaw (weather control)
Emma Coolidge Enhanced synesthesia The niece of Chris Coolidge (enhanced synesthesia)
Monica Dawson Adoptive muscle memory The relative of Paulette Hawkins (ability augmentation) and the cousin of Micah Sanders (technopathy)
Hana Gitelman Digital communication The niece of Richard Drucker (electronic communication)
Nathan Petrelli Flight (synthetic) The nephew of Alice Shaw (weather control)
Peter Petrelli Empathic mimicry The nephew of Alice Shaw (weather control)
Micah Sanders Technopathy The nephew* of Tracy Strauss (freezing (synthetic))
and the cousin of Monica Dawson (adoptive muscle memory)


Evolved Human Abilities edit

Ability absorptionAbility replicationActivation and deactivationAdoptive muscle memoryAlchemyAlejandro's abilityAquatic breathingClairsentienceClairvoyanceCloakingCloningCyberpathyDisintegrationDream manipulationElectric manipulationElemental controlEmpathic mimicryEmpathyEnhanced hearingEnhanced memoryEnhanced strengthEnhanced strength and sensesEnhanced synesthesiaFire breathingFlightFreezingGravitational manipulationHachiro's abilityHealingHealing touchHeat generationIllusionImage projectionImpenetrable skinInduced radioactivityIntuitive aptitudeInvisibilityLie detectionLuke's abilityMagnetismMeltingMemory manipulationMemory storageMental manipulationMetal mimicryMicrowave emissionMiko's abilityMist mimicryPersuasionPhasingPlant growthPoison emissionPossessionPrecognitionPrecognitive dreamingPuppet masterPyrokinesisRapid cell regenerationSedationSeismic burstShape shiftingShatteringSound manipulationSpace-time manipulationSpontaneous combustionSuper speedSuperchargingTechnopathyTelekinesisTelepathyTerrakinesisUmbrakinesisWeather control

Evolutions Abilities

Accelerated probabilityAcidic bloodAge transferalAnimal controlBelief inductionCarbon isolation and formationConstrictionDanger sensingDavid's abilityDimension hoppingDimensional storageEmpathic manipulationEnhanced breathEnhanced teleportingExtraskeletal manipulationFireworks creationHealth optimizingInflammationLight absorptionLight manipulationNerve manipulationNon-biological duplicationPhoenix mimicryPlasmakinesisPrimal rageProbability computationRock formationShiftingTeleportationTemporal rewindWater generationWater mimicry

Graphic Novel Abilities

Ability augmentationAcid secretionAge shiftingAppearance alterationAura absorptionBliss and horrorBone spike protrusionChlorine gas exudationCrumplingDehydrationDisintegration touchElasticityElectrical absorptionEnergy absorption, transference, and redirectionFire castingForcefieldsFuture terrorist's abilityGold mimicryGranulationGreen energy blastImprintingLaser emissionLevitationLuminescenceLung adaptationMass manipulationMediumshipNerve gas emissionNeurocognitive deficitOil secretionOmnilingualismPlant manipulationSound absorptionSpider mimicryTelescopic visionWall crawling

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