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Theory:Kaito Nakamura

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The following fan theories are about Kaito Nakamura.

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Theory Citations Notes
Kaito didn't have an ability at the end of his life because Arthur Petrelli stole it. We have never conclusively seen Kaito demonstrate an ability. Arthur has the ability to absorb powers from others. + Having a character who most likely has an ability die without demonstrating it is unusual for Heroes.

+ This could possibly explain where Arthur got telepathy.

- The company had 2 telepaths: Maury Parkman and Charles Deveaux. Arthur almost certainly got his power from Charles Deveaux.

+ This could be the event that divided the Company.

- The company had problems due to Angela, Linderman and Bob fearing Arthur's excessive power.
The "legacy" which Kaito wanted to pass on to Hiro was actually originally meant for Hiro specifically, and was given to the Nakamura family by Yaeko. None + Yaeko implied that she would pass down the story of Takezo Kensei as Hiro wished it to be.

- In a video Kaito left to Hiro, Kaito states that Hiro's destiny was to protect the formula.
- Kaito mentioned a legacy in 1963, before Hiro was born.

Kaito has the ability to fill people with fear or manipulate fear. None + The bikers were scared away by Kaito. (Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 2)
- They might have been scared simply because he is an influential business man who could get them arrested.
If he wanted to get them arrested, he wouldn't be carrying a sword.

- They didn't seem to even notice Kaito's presence, they're looking directly at Ando. This would seem to support the fact that there was something else (Kaito's power) influencing them.

- The reflection in the biker's helmet shows a blue glint of light just above Ando, which is later revealed to be Kaito's sword. It's probably Kaito that the bikers are reacting to, and Ando only thinks it is him.

- Hiro did not appear to be afraid of his father when Mr. Nakamura was trying to get him to return to Japan.

+ Actually, he did.
Why would Kaito use his ability on his son?
+ Arthur Petrelli and Samson Gray both used their abilities on their sons.
- Arthur was a sociopath who wanted Peter's powers, and Samson was trying to obtain Sylar's healing ability. Kaito loved his son and wouldn't have had a reason to use his ability on Hiro.
A fear inducing ability isn't as dangerous and harmful as power absorption or telekinesis and can be easily used just to teach a misbehaving son a lesson.
Kaito has some sort of shapeshifting or illusion power. None + The Kaito Nakamura seen in 1977 looked nothing like the present version. This was so far a difference than it just being casting limitations, as it shouldn't be hard to find somebody who resembles a young George Takei.

- The difference between the two actors was minor. It probably was not deliberate.
- It was 30 years, after all.

Kaito has a passive ability that allows him to intuitively know the strong and weak points of any human, evolved or not. None + In Landslide, he answered Hiro's question of "What can you possibly know of killing?" with "A few things". This could imply that he has an ability which involves knowing exactly where and when to strike that doesn't need activating.
- This could simply mean that he has killed before. And since he worked for the company, this is almost certain.
- In an interview, Pokaski and Coleite were asked, "I have a theory on Kaito Nakamura's power. When Nathan is speaking with Linderman, when Linderman heals the plant he states that he knows 'a few things' about healing. When Hiro asks his father what he knows about killing, he also responds 'a few things.' Am I on to something?" Their response was "Nope."
Kaito's ability is adoptive muscle memory. None + Like Monica, Kaito shows amazing martial arts skills.
- Or he could have practiced. He is around 70 and was implied to have been part of a superhero group, and an operative for the Company. Mr. Bennet has amazing physical skills too, which he learned through normal training.

- Mohinder notes that Monica is first muscle mimic the Company has studied. Kaito is one of the Company founders.

Kaito's ability is replication. None Kaito could have used his powers to quickly create a clone just as he was pushed off the roof, with Adam killing the clone and the real Kaito landing on a windowsill or ledge on the Deveaux Building.
- If Mr. Nakamura is alive, why hasn't he contacted Ando?
+ Since he knew that Adam was behind the death threats and murders, he might have avoided contacting his friends or family in case Adam was watching them.
- Kaito did not re-appear in person to his son after Adam had been contained.

- If it was replication, Angela would have known. Instead, she refers to him being dead. (It's Coming)

Kaito's ability is clairvoyance. None + Kaito found Hiro in an unlikely place in an enormous city. (The Fix)

+ Kaito found Hiro again in Landslide.
+ Kaito found Kimiko in an even bigger city. (Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 2)
+ Kaito discovered Adam trying to steal Strain 138. (Truth & Consequences)
- He did not foresee Adam's attack on Charles Deveaux's rooftop. (Four Months Later...)

+ A requirement to use the ability is to know what to search for. Kaito seemed genuinely surprised when he found out Adam was the assailant, meaning he had no way of detecting the assassin.
+ Arthur had clairvoyance. He must have gotten it from Kaito.
- Not necessarily. He may have gotten it from Peter, or had already had it prior to being revived.
- Arthur may have used another ability, such as precognition or precognitive dreaming, to discover Claire and Hiro in the past.
- Arthur was shown to get clairvoyance only in a deleted scene. In it, he had to take it from Molly, meaning he didn't take it from Kaito.
+ Deleted scenes are not canon.
+ Kaito had the formula and his wife had the Catalyst. It would be easy to get clairvoyance back after Arthur took it.
- As seen with Peter, the formula doesn't restore the ability to the exact thing it used to be.
Kaito's ability is to see the variables of any situation and predict the outcome. In a Volume 2 DVD deleted scene, Kaito shows his ability by looking at the newspaper. Plus, he tells Ando that his ability is the reason for Yamagato Industries' success. + The ability was shown in a deleted scene.

- Since it was only explained in a deleted scene, the writers can change the ability Kaito had.

+ When asked if Kaito's powers would ever be revealed, the writers replied "examine his death scene". Kaito's last words were "of all of them, I never expected it would be you."
- If Kaito never expected the murderer would be Adam, he obviously didn't predict it.
+ The power may not be foolproof; he may have come to several conclusions on who the killer would be, and Adam just happened to be one of the least likely ones. If he hadn't attempted to predict at all he shouldn't have been so shocked.

+ In From the Files of Primatech, Part 2, Angela claims that Kaito knew that Chris Coolidge would be shot if he tried to address the rioters even though the others did not realize it.

Kaito used his ability of probability computations to help the Company plan the destruction of New York City. In the deleted scene from Four Months Later, Kaito's ability is shown to be probability computation. + The Company may have needed someone with that ability in order to succeed with their plan.

- He later trains Hiro to combat Sylar, the result of which being that Sylar could no longer push Peter any further, allowing Peter to hold off his explosive powers until Nathan arrived. Without Kaito, Hiro could not have saved New York.
- Kaito's ability was only shown and referred in a deleted scene, and that doesn't count for the official storyline. The writers could decide to change it.

Kaito is rich and powerful because of his ability to see the variables of any situation and predict the outcome. In a Volume 2 DVD deleted scene, Kaito shows his ability by looking at the newspaper. Plus, he tells Ando that his ability is the reason for Yamagato Industries success. Arthur may have taken his ability to gain his success too.
Kaito's ability is that he doesn't flinch, similar to The Blob's power in the X-Men. A force keeps him firmly in position so he doesn't react physically to blows. When Angela slapped him he did not react despite the fact that it sounded like a pretty hard hit. - Adam wouldn't have been able to push him off the building if this was the case.
+ He could control whether he activates his power or not. He did not use it to save himself from Adam Monroe as Hiro had effectively sealed his fate by going back in time and telling him he would die.
- Kaito had not been visited by Hiro when he died in Four Months Later..., meaning that he would not have known of his impending doom the first time he died.
That is impossible to say, since the scene could have been shown from the perspective of someone who was also frozen in time the fist time.
Kaito has the ability to read minds/emotions but not to the extent of Matt or Maury. None + Kaito seems to be able to read people very well and always know what's going on.

- This could be because he is very experienced with dealing with tricky people.
- This could be the acting.

Kaito's ability is the ability to see anywhere into the past, future or present. None + If a parent's power is natural, their child's power will often be related to their own. Kaito's would be to see into any place in time and space, and Hiro's would be to go to any place in time and space.
- Hiro's ability isn't to see the past or the future; it's to manipulate time and space. Him going places and times is an application of his ability, an effect of it, in Kaito's case, that would be the purpose of the ability.
Occasionally, the application of the power matters more than the actual power in and of itself.

+ Others have demonstrated abilities that are synonymous with mystical powers, such as Ida May Walker.
+ In a deleted scene, he had told Ando that his ability was the reason for the success of Yamagato Industries; scrying would allow him to see events before they happened, and plan very far ahead.

- That comment was about a probability related ability in the same deleted scene.
- Deleted scenes are not canon.

+ He would not have entrusted half of the formula to Hiro, unless he had known that he would obtain a specific power.

- Who else would he entrust the formula to? Hiro is the one with the better odds to do something to protect the formula.
+ Kimiko, she had much more common sense, and much better command and management of resources.
- Males are commonly seen as superior to females in Japanese society. Kaito more than likely wanted to pass at least some sort of honor and lineage down to his only son, especially considering he knew Hiro had a power. If the formula had become stolen or otherwise compromised, Kimiko would have little chance to get back said item from a person with an ability without an ability of her own.

+ When Hiro opened the safe, he had a pre-recorded message that seemed very relevant to a time shortly after the first message was delivered.

- Kaito knows his son, it's reasonable to think he left another message knowing that the previous one would only make Hiro do exactly what he was told not to do.

+ In Landslide when Hiro asked if Kaito had returned to Japan, he said that he didn't in order to watch Hiro's progress, although no suspicious agents nor Kaito himself had been seen during major events.

- They don't need to be shown to be there, the audience wasn't shown Hiro coming from the future to warn Ando about the fake stabbing until the time of the actual stabbing.
Kaito Nakamura didn't have an ability to start with. None + Ishi Nakamura could be the one Hiro inherited his ability from.

- It is heavily implied all Company founders had abilities.

+ Japanese mentality puts men higher than women. It's possible Kaito just represented Ishi in the Company.
- Ishi wasn't in the picture of the founders.

- BTE said that "Mr. Nakamura had powers".
- He clearly says to Hiro before he dies that "we have the powers of Gods", just how Future Angela told Peter that he was "the most powerful of us all".

Kaito knew about his son's adventures as Kensei. None. + Kaito seems to think highly of Takezo Kensei. If he thought Adam Monroe were the only Kensei, it is unlikely he would read Kensei's stories to his son.
- It's possible that Adam never told Kaito that he was the real Kensei.
Kaito's ability was to see in the dark. The writers said the clue to Kaito's power is hidden in his final words to Adam: "Of all of them, I never expected it would be you". + He could have seen Adam's face under his hood.

- It might have just been intended for the viewers not to know because at that time we thought Adam was Kensei.

Yet somehow Kaito recognized the murderer.
Kaito dated Angela before she was married. Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 1 + He met her when she was 18.

+ Nathan said Arthur always hated Kaito.
+ Angela said she hasn't slept with Kaito for a long time.
+ Kaito said he was escaping his destiny, implying he is engaged at this point of a teenage Ishi.

- That could imply any number of things.

+ They seemed to be enjoying their dance.
+ Arthur was a Vietnam War Veteran. He was probably in Vietnam till 1964 and then went on another tour.

Kaito had danger sensing. None. + Angela noticed he knew something bad was about to happen.
- Many other abilities can account for that knowledge.

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