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Theory:Noah Gray

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The following fan theories are about Noah Gray.

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Noah Gray is actually H.R.G. (Noah Bennet), and is gifted. None + HRG has no abilities, so he could inject himself one, only to find out he became younger and younger.

- Sylar was interacting with Noah on an intimate, familial level that would not make sense if this was his work partner, eg making him waffles, turning into a nuclear bomb when he dies, and calling him son.
+ Noah Gray is blond.
+ When Peter went to the future, H.R.G. is nowhere to be found.
- If Noah was HRG, future Claire wouldn't threaten to shoot him.

She might not know.

There is a possibility of somebody having age shifted HRG to a younger age and erasing his memory, giving Sylar a child that will take his hunger away. Far fetched, but possible.

Nothing suggests age shifing can be used on other people.

+ We don't know who Noah's biological father is, so he may be Sylar. While HRG's biological mother may be Elle Bishop, since we know she shares a story arc with Sylar in Season 3.

- Noah Bennet cannot be Noah Gray - the latter is dead.
+ HRG may be from the future, before it was changed by Peter. So Noah could have survived first, like how Claire was still alive. After Hiro went to the past, and they could both return afterward.

+ They could travel back in time to the 1960s, in order to put Noah up for adoption. Anita could be his adoptive mother, but HRG must’ve recognized the house that he grew up in. So when his family was on the run from the Company, Noah knew exactly where to find the perfect safe house.

- They have no reason to do that.
+ Hiro was sent back in time, in order to fulfill the future. So Sylar could do the same, because HRG's meant to grow up. In the past with his parents, who may have actually adopted him.
Angela was the reason for the birth of "Noah Gray". In One of Us, One of Them, Angela states that she will "fix" his hunger. + Due to Angela's precognitive ability, she can see the future and thus know what will stop Sylar from giving in to his hunger. As Gabriel stated, in I Am Become Death, he does it for his son.
Noah is adopted. None + There is no evidence of Noah's mother.
Like his father, Noah was an evolved human. Ability inheritance exists. + Power heredity exists in the Heroes universe.

+ Gabriel inherited intuitive aptitude from his father, setting a precedent for ability heredity in the Gray family.

Noah is the child of Maya and Sylar. The sex between the two is implied at the end of Truth & Consequences. + She and Elle are the only two woman in the series to seem to have loved Sylar.

- Noah Gray is as far as I can tell totally Caucasian and shows no sign of being from any other ethnicity.
- It is highly doubtful that Maya would forgive Sylar for killing her brother.

Elle forgave Sylar for killing her father.
Elle was mentally unstable.
Bob was very harsh on Elle, and the extent of her love is debatable
Noah would have been the son of Elle and Sylar. Noah resembles both of them (he is blond, like Elle, and has brown eyes, like Sylar). - Elle is dead, and her body was cremated.
Noah Gray is born in an alternate future.

+ Greg Beeman talked about Elle on his blog saying, "There were potential storylines about pregnancies and babies…" This could mean the original intention was for Elle to be the mother of Noah.

Sylar and Claire Bennet will get together - briefly or permanently - resulting in Noah. Noah resembles them both as well, with Claire's blond hair and Sylar's brown eyes. + In The Second Coming, Sylar tells Claire after he takes her power, "You're special... and I couldn't kill you, even if I wanted to", implying that he has fond feelings for her.
- What about the fact that he cut her head open and tried to kill her? (Elle is an exception to this as she is certifiably insane)
+ He cut her head open to take her power, and was even kind enough to put it back when he was done. He never tried to kill Claire, only make her understand him.
- His methods are certainly questionable and inappropriate.
- Sylar has tried on multiple occasions to kill her or her dad. It's hardly doubtful HRG would be fine with the union of his 16 year old daughter with a 30 year old man, not to mention he already dislikes and has tried to kill Sylar.
+ Noah has also emotionally betrayed his daughter repeatedly. Even though they appear to be on good terms by episode I Am Sylar, what Noah has done will surely change Claire's value of his opinion.

+ They could get together, in the hunt for the evolved humans, helping each other.
- It's still extremely unlikely, seeing that Claire jabbed a shard of glass in his skull and wants him dead for everything he's put her through.

+ Claire has forgiven a lot of people since then, including Eric Doyle.
- Doyle has to do much more to get to Sylar's league.

- Claire hates Sylar and she won't ever forgive him his crimes.
- In the alternate future where everyone has powers, Sylar thinks that Peter and Nathan are his brothers, which would make Claire his niece.

Claire is Peter's biological niece, and they have a disturbing relationship with incestuous undertones, so the family relation would not necessarily affect Claire.
The only romantic undertones were those in the beginning, when Claire was subtlyflirting with him at her high school, before either one knew they were related. Since then, the only abnormal family tension between them was when Claire thanked him for saving her life, in which she was apparently overwhelmed by the idea that he was just like her. There is no Petrellicest.
It is possible that Sylar never new that Claire was Nathan's biological daughter.
When "I Am Become Death" aired, it could be the intent of the writers that Sylar really was biologically related to Claire.
When I Am Become Death aired, the storyline still had Arthur and Angela claiming to be Sylar's parents.
+ If Sylar marries Claire and it's that relationship that spawns Noah Gray, then Peter would be a brother.
+ When Peter traveled to the alternate future Sylar was living in the Bennets' old house with Noah in Costa Verde. They could have been living there because he had ties to the family by having a relationship with Claire and fathering a son with her.
+ In the episode Pass/Fail it is apparent Sylar feels a connection to Claire because they are so similar and he does give her a passionate kiss even though the kiss was supposedly just to gain insight into who she is.
- Passionate or not, that is up for interpretation of third parties.
- Claire is gay/dating a girl now.
Meredith would have been the mother of Noah. None + Meredith is one of several characters who fits the little bit of information we have. Of all the female characters, she had been hurt the least by Sylar. Also, with both of them working for the company, their paths may cross at some point.
- When Sylar and Meredith met in the new timeline, he killed her.
+ This was part of his rampage from when he found out he wasn't a Petrelli.
Noah Gray existed only in the exposed future, which will not happen. None + It is unlikely that Noah is young enough to not be conceived yet at this point.

+ Elle is the only one Sylar had "intercourse" with in the whole volume and she is now dead.
+ The timeline disappeared because of the butterfly effects Peter created, after he went to visit the future.
+ Since Sylar was good in that future, Noah's mother should have had been Elle, who Sylar was briefly romantically involved with. Elle is dead, and Sylar is Nathan. There are no prerequisites for Noah to be born.

Noah Gray is actually Matt Parkman, Jr.. None + He is the right age.
+ Matt could believe that his son was lost to him (dead, abducted), and not realize Sylar is raising him as his own.

+ His light hair could turn darker as he ages. Many brunettes and redheads have blond hair as children.
+ Matthew's power may actually calm/cure Sylar's hunger, which is another reason he may take the child as his own.
+ Matt Parkman, Jr. does have the ability to turn things on and off, maybe he turned off the hunger and also activated Sylar's induced radioactivity and precognition, just like with Hiro.
+ Matt Parkman is possessed by Sylar in the new future.

- This is because of Nathan's death. Nathan was alive in the exposed future.
Sylar is Noah's mother. Shapeshifters can change gender. + Shapeshifter Mystique in X-Men changed gender and is the father of Kurt, a.k.a. Nightcrawler.
- Then Noah would be little less than Sylar's clone.
That was the original plan, she's Kurt's mother, his father is an ancient mutant.
This is irrelevent.

+ Sylar could have given a sperm sample and then shape shifted into a female and impregnated himself.
- This is Heroes, an NBC show that has mostly been squeamish about homosexuality. Somehow a man impregnating himself, seems exceedingly unlikely.

Noah Gray's mother is Tracy Strauss. None + In the new future, Sylar thought that he was Nathan and recalled romantic feelings upon meeting Tracy.
- In the exposed future Nathan was alive and Sylar was Sylar.
Noah is named after H.R.G. (Noah Bennet). None + Claire mentions that Sylar took everything away from her, possibly her father.
It isn't clear who she was talking to, it could be Peter as well as Sylar.

+ Sylar was Noah's old partner, he may have killed him or felt responsible for his death.

He didn't need to kill Noah to name his son after him.

+ This theory would also be true if Noah Gray was an age shifted Noah Bennet, who may have began reaging from a baby.

- According to Claire, her parents were dead (Resistance).
Noah Gray is named after Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah Sanders). None + Noah is a baby, hence cute, aptly named after a cute character (in this case, its actor).
He couldn't have been named after other cute characters such as Elle Bishop, Niki Sanders, Daphne Millbrook or Mr. Muggles as only Noah fits the bill (due to the last name).
So someone who can throw you through a wall, electrocute you to a crisp, or even run through time is cute?
These people are all women, naming a male character after a female actress would be a bit disturbing... the same as naming someone after a dog...

+ This wouldn't be the only time the writers name a character after a crew member: for example, Samuel uses an alias, William Hooper, who portrayed James Martin, and Tracy Strauss is Aron Coleite's wife maiden name.

Noah Gray exists or will exist. None + Sylar has began the path to being good.

- He would be only a year old in 2011 if he has not been conceived yet.
+ Claire or Maya could mother his child.

- Claire has feelings for a girl.
- Maya has no love for Gabriel Gray and moved away.
It is unknown how Claire's ability would handle a pregnancy.
Pregnancy is not an injury.
There are real-life disorders where a woman's body treats a pregnancy like a foreign invader as her immune system attempts to terminate the pregnancy. It's possible that Claire's ability may work in a similar fashion.

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