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First appearance The Civilian
Debut July 22, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname Peeping Tim
Home Lyneboro, CT

Tim is Rachel's next door neighbor.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

The Civilian

In chapter 2 of The Civilian, Rachel spots Tim watching her undress from his window. She confronts him and learns that Tim and Leona have been meeting for a while and that Tim is a technological genius. Tim seems rather nervous around Rachel and is disappointed when she leaves. Later, when Rachel is looking for Leona, she asks Tim if he knows where she is. He tells her to look in Mable's diner and asks if she needs anything else. Rachel leaves, leaving Tim looking disappointed.

In chapter 3 of The Civilian, Tim visits Rachel and finds her pinning Marc to the floor. He mistakes it for something else and leaves to give them some privacy. Later, when Rachel is leaving for work, Tim reappears and begins talking to her. Rachel notices that he is being way too calm and cool and she spots Marc nearby. Marc reveals that he used his ability on Tim to make him temporarily more confident.

Rachel soon brings Tim a broken camera that she needs fixed. While there, Tim reveals that Leona was the one creeping up on Rachel, but that it wasn't really "creeping up" as she was only checking to see when Rachel would wake up. He says that Leona gets all of her old friends to stay with Tim and that Marc even spent a few nights there. After helping Rachel see what is on the camera, Rachel leaves. At the diner, Tim is once again targeted by Marc's ability and he confidently asks Rachel out on a date. He ends up turning her down, as her idea for the date is to go skydiving.

In chapter 4 of The Civilian, Rachel visits Tim to see if Leona is with him. He tells her that she has gone to work.

In chapter 5 of The Civilian, Rachel once again views the photos from her broken camera. Tim is "rescued" by Claire Bennet, who assumes that he is being held captive by Rachel.

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