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The Dawsons' home

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The Dawsons' home
Nanas home.jpg
Niki and Micah arrive at Nana's home.
Location: New Orleans, LA
Purpose: Residence

Micah goes to live in the Dawsons' home.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors



After just arriving, Niki and Micah sit in front of the house and talk about their new lives. Niki takes Micah to the door, and is greeted by Nana, who welcomes them to New Orleans.

The Kindness of Strangers

Damon wakes Micah up by flicking water in his face. While eating breakfast, Damon bemoans the fact that he will be unable to watch the wrestling as it is on pay-per-view. Later, Micah communicates with the television so that Damon can watch the fight.

Fight or Flight

Monica returns home to find Micah playing the piano and sits next to him. Monica starts playing the piano with Micah, and Micah asks if she can play piano, but she tells him that she never learned. Suddenly, she finds herself playing fast and uncontrollably, then walks away frightened.

In the kitchen, Micah tells her he thinks he knows what happened with the piano. He shows her his powers, and a 9th Wonders! comic depicting St. Joan. He then suggests Monica test her ability.

Later that night, Monica flips through channels, and watches kung fu, replicating Bruce Lee's motions and Micah watches and tells her that they're special. After Micah leaves the room, Monica then goes to answer a knock on the door and finds Mohinder. He tells her that he has answers to her questions.

The Line

Bob brings Monica back to her home. He gives her contact information for the Company and a video iPod that is "fully loaded" with videos to use for her ability.

Truth & Consequences

Monica, Damon, and Micah arrive home and talk about Micah selling his books for a comic book. Micah tells Damon that he buys the comics for the stories, prompting Damon to say that he'd sell the comics and live happily ever after. Monica asks why St. Joan wears a hood if she is a good guy. Micah tells her every superhero needs a secret identity, otherwise your enemies would come after you, or even your family. Micah puts his backpack in his room and turns to see Nana and Niki in the kitchen. Niki and Micah talk, and she explains the she went to a place that helps people who are sick. She tells Micah she has a virus, that she can't spread it, but Dr. Suresh is looking for a cure that will make her better. Micah asks what would happen if Dr. Suresh can't find a cure, but Niki insists that he will. Micah tells her he has something that will make her stronger in his backpack, D.L.'s medal. When he goes to get it, he realizes his backpack is missing. He returns to Niki to tell her the backpack is gone.

Later, a bloody-nosed Damon is interrogated by Nana. He tells the family that he was trying to find out how much Micah's comics were worth. When he tells Micah that he was set up and someone stole Micah's backpack, Micah tackles and punches Damon. Niki pulls him off, and Micah yells that D.L.'s medal was in the bag. Damon offers to get a new one, but Micah asks if he will get him a new dad, too. Damon apologies, but Micah tells Damon that he hates him. Nana says she's going to call the police, but Micah insists that they need to get it themselves - that they need to be heroes like D.L. Niki tells him that is the reason D.L. is dead.

That night, Monica wakes Micah and tells him that she knows where the thieves that took his bag live, and as long as he stays out of the way, he could come. Later, Niki checks on Micah and find that he is not in his bed.


Micah returns to the Dawsons' home where Niki has been waiting worriedly. He tells her that Monica is in danger and they need to go rescue her. Niki tells him she can't because the Shanti virus has suppressed her powers, but Micah convinces her that they can still succeed. Micah tells his cell phone to track the GPS signal in Monica's cell phone so they can locate her, and they go after her.

One of Us, One of Them

Tracy arrives in New Orleans and visits a home and opens a casket to see a dead Niki inside. After viewing Niki in the casket, Tracy turns to leave and runs into Micah. Micah realizes that Tracy is not his mother, and tells her that both he and his mother had powers. He explains Niki's ability and his own ability to talk to machines. Afterwards, Micah uses his ability to search the internet and learns that Tracy and Niki were both born on the same day, in the same hospital, and both delivered by the same man, Dr. Zimmerman.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 1

Micah sees a van with government plates speeding away as he returns to the house after using his school's computer network to help Monica fight crime. The house is empty, and Micah uses his computer to scan the radio waves and cellular signals, and finds that the agents were after him but grabbed his cousin by mistake. He returns to the school to track her whereabouts.


  • Due to the damage done by Hurricane Katrina, the Dawsons' home has a water line stain about three feet from the ground.
  • Micah has Mardi Gras beads in his room.


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