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This Does Not Happen
Episode number: 502
First aired: February 22, 2010
Electric manipulation in Tabula Rasa (3).JPG
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: Black Hole
Next episode: Dangerous


Story Development

New York Airport · Mental Emmision · Dylan Maning · Al Stein


Emma sitting in a taxi, when the driver asks her name. She tells him its is Emma Tina Coolidge and the driver introduces himself as Scott.

In the Carnival Lauren and Noah are chatting together, Lauren is interested to know why Mohinder called him. Noah says that he saw what Claire did. The pair gaze at the follr silently befoe Noah looks up and Noah sees Barbara, Nana, Damon, Micah, Monica speaking with Claire. Noah is shocked and walks over, he mistakes Tracy for Barabara, Noah is keen to go with her, but she tells him to stay with Sylar, ahead of the distster.

Nearby, at Doyle's trailer, Peter asks him what he will do next, as Doyle considers he uses his ability to hold Peter and escape.

Emma departs from her taxi at the airport, thanking Scott. As she enters the terminal building, she bumps into a young girl. She apologises, saying her name is Victoria and she needs to get to Sullivan Bros. Carnival. She tells Emma she has a sister there, she has not seen before. Emma sympathises and tells her where to go before getting her ticket. Victoria walks off, smiling.

At the Carnival, Barbara chats with everyone, before saying she has to leave. She then asks Claire, Noah, Sylar, Lauren to find Damian to help stop the disaster. They agree and Claire spots some movement in the House of Mirrors; she goes to investigate.

Peter sits on the trailer, thinking when he hears a noise. Victoria appears and is reluctant to speak to Peter, but asks him whether he knew a Becky Taylor. Peter does not know and Victoria is annoyed, soon Peter and other people are knocked unconscious.

Claire, however is not affected and she runs into the House of Mirrors where she spots Damian, but his figure, to Claire's shock, changes to that of Becky.

Emma boards the plane at the airport, she accidently bumps into a man, they both apologise, the man introduces himself as Dylan Maning. Emma presents itself as Emma Tina Coolidge as they board the plane together.

At an unknown location, a puddle freezes quickly. Tracy steps forward to face her husband, who says his name is now Al Stein. Who is surprised that Tracy survived the fall from the helicopter.

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