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Episode number: 503
First aired: March 29, 2010
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: This Does Not Happen
Next episode: From the Past


Story Development

Ability healing Max Trist


Angela Petrella walks through an unknown building, she enters a room to find many files on a desk. Closing the door she sees the profiles of the Claire Bennet, Samuel Sullivan, Edgar Tunden and West Rosen. She notices another has dropped on the floor and goes to retrieve it, seeing the name Virginia Gray. As she does the door opens behind her and awakes in her office.

In Central Park Hiro and Ando are chatting. Edgar thanks them and Amanda tells him that he should lead the Carnival. Edgar says anyone who wants to leave can and many do. Amanda tells him that there are some that want him to be their leader at the Carnival. Edgar turns to Gail, Chris, Jennie and Eli.

Angela is sitting in a taxi driven by Scott, when she abruptly tells him to stop and she gets out. Walking over to a tall building a man greets her, introducing himself as Max Trist, Angela says they need to talk.

Tracy and Al walk through Central Park and they see. Hiro, Eli,Ando and Edgar talking. Tracy and Al came to them and Edgar reveals about the plans for the new Carnival. Tracy is anxious while Al frowns, he then goes to Hiro asking if he can help with his ability. Hiro nods and closes his eyes as AL raises his hand to Hiro’s face. Al whispers that it is time for Hiro to go home and Hiro opens his eyes and nods. Walking over to Ando he places his hand on his shoulder, muttering something in Japanese before the pair vanish. Tracy looks to Al, astonished.

Samuel is in his jail cell. Then before his eyes appeared in Virginia Gray appears and says that should help Claire, Noah, Lauren, Gabriel, Angela and Hiro. Virginia then disappears as Samuel faints in shock. He awakens in what appears to be the Carnival. He can see was Sylar, Claire and Lauren lying dead. And near them the bodies of Barbara, Nana, Monica, Damon and Micah. Samuel awakens to find himself in his prison cell.

At Central Park Edgar announces that he will lead the new Carnival. At the same time, Al and Tracy talk and Al tells her Tracy that it must return home; and he must go to the carnival.

Hiro and Ando teleport from Central Park to their office in Japan, they see a picture of Kimiko on the wall and Ando rushes to see her in the next room.

In the House of Mirrors Claire, Noah, Sylar, Barbara, Lauren talk with Becky and Damien but unbeknown to them Victoria is nearby, meeting another girl. Becky greets her, saying "Welcome Sister".

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