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Three Day Before Death
Season: Five
Episode number: 505
First aired: June 16, 2010
File:Three Day Before Death.jpg
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: From the Past
Next episode: Died Two Years


Sylar, Peter, Sandra and Virginia is in the past

Story Development

Fire mimicry


In the past, Sylar woke up Level 5 cell. There, he saw Peter and Virginia. He began to awaken them.Peter woke up and asked where Sandra. But suddenly the door opened and Thompson came in and said, I need to talk to Virginia,.Virginia was frightened and her body turned to fire. Sylar and Peter looked surprised.

The present, Noah, Claire, Al, Damien, Becky, Lauren, Victoria,Barbara was a House of Mirrors. Claire said where Sylar,her mother and Peter. Al said that if they must change the past and to save Elle,Bob,Adam,Nikki,Meredith and others.

In the past, Virginia was the room where it was Thompson and another man named Robert. Virginia asked why it is here. And Thompson said that two years before Virginia worked in The company, and that if the memory was erased.

Sylar and Peter spoke. and then peter said that Virginia has the ability.And Sylar asked from where.

The present, Claire and Noah was carnival field.Claire looked at the people.And suddenly she saw the West. But he flew.Lauren looked at them and she said, I think that now everything is starting,,.

In the past, Thomson talked to Linderman. Then Linderman said that Sylar, Peter, Virginia and Sandra must return to their time.Thompson said that it is as though they are back to their time.

Sylar, Peter and Sandra talked about their escape. And then came Candice.Then it looks at Sandra and says we have to go.Sandra asked why.But Candice said that it will be the test for Sandra.And then Sandra agreed.But then Sylar started to use their ability and cut of a Candice throat and Sylar said, "We can escape.And then Sylar, Peter and Sandra started run.Peter,Sylar and Sandra ran through the entire corridor.But Sandra suddenly stopped at a strange picture.Peter and Sylar came to her and asked what happened and Sandra answered that it is her parents.Virginia was the Cell. But suddenly someone kick the door. Then the Sylar, Peter and Sandra. Sylar said that they must leave. Sylar stretched out his hand andVirginia put forth their own and they are all gone.

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