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Black Hole
Episode number: 501
First aired: February 15, 2010
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Written by: Adamhiro
Next episode: This Does Not Happen


Story Development

Victoria · Barbara · Scott


Claire stands by the people, who watch her shocked at what had just happened. Noah walks up to Claire, and tells her that she's made a big mistake, Claire responds by telling him it is her destiny. She then goes to the dismayed reporters and announcing that there are many people like her.

At the time, Emma watches a hung up Doyle in his trailer. Sylar and Peter are outside, amazed that Claire has revealed themselves, Sylar tells Peter he must speak to Claire.

Samuel is in prison. He recieves a visitor, a little girl who introduces herself as Victoria. Samuel is dejected and tells her he has failed but Victoria tells him that she came to help him.

At the time, Claire jumped a concerned reporter tells Claire that the camera momentarily broke, Claire suspicous looks around to see that Micah,Monica,Nana and Damon. Walking to them, Claire asks what they were doing here. Monica tells they came to stop Claire revealing herself. Claire then looks to see Tracy arrive behind them, but the woman says her name is Barbara.

Back at the trailer, Emma walks out and tells Peter that she must return home. As Peter looks sorrowfully on Emma leaves in a taxi.

At that time, Central Park Hiro is talking to Edgar, Evan,Chris,Gail and Damian. Edgar thanks Hiro that the Carnival are safe and reunited, but Damian says he must leave, Edgar tries to stop him but Hiro dissuades him as Damian leaves. Chris and Gail come to the Edgar and ask where Damian went. Edgar tells them that he does not know.

Emma is moving slowly in a taxi, asking the taxi driver if this is the quickest way to the airport, he nods.

Far away, Tracy sits in a helicopter before thanking the driver and jumping out.

Claire is talking to Barbara and others. Then, when Barbara tells that the group they have to go somewhere, Claire then asks where. Barbara tells the secret. Micah, Monica, Damon, Nana leave with Barbara comes to them, assuring themselves they will will stop the disaster.

Memorable Quotes

"We need to stop the disaster?

- Barbara (the Monica,Nana,Micah and Damon)

Character Appearances

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