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From the Past
Season: Five
Episode number: 504
First aired: April 04, 2010
File:From the Past.jpg
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: Dangerous
Next episode: Three Day Before Death


  • Emma finds Dylan's ability
  • Al send Sandra,Sylar and Peter change the past

Story Development

Thomas Troup


In the House of Mirrrors Claire, Noah, Sylar, Barbara, Lauren talk with Becky and Damien but the a a figure enters, Becky looks to Victoria and says "Welcome Sister".

Claire is confused and asks if Becky has a sister but Becky replies that she is her stepsister.

At that point Peter awakens in the trailer and sees Sandra Bennet. He asks what she is doing here and Sandra says she was ordered to come to get to Virginia Gray.

At the time, Amanda and Edgar talk with Al. They tell him where the Carnival is and Al runs away. Edgar and Amanda wonder what he wants with the Carnival.

Angela was in the field with Max. Angela tells him that he will find other people from their visionary project. But she is asked about the project and asked what it involved. Angela says it is important. Max then tells Angela that she must go to a mysterious place to find a man called Julian Trist.

Emma is sitting in the airplane to its Dylan. Then Dylan jumps up as he sees a man with a gun. Dylan tells Emma that there life is in danger as that man is called Thomas Troup and he hunts people with abilities. Emma tells him she can see music and asks Dylan what his power is; he says he can the the truth behind things.

At that time, Sylar, Lauren, Noah, Claire, Barbara talk to Becky, Victoria and Damien. Then Peter and Sandra, soon followed by Al. He says something to Damien who stretches his hand and points to Sylar, Lauren, Noah, Claire, Barbara, Peter and Sandra and in the mirror the pictures of Bob, Elle, Nathan, Simone, Issac, Molly, Virginia, Samson, James Walker, Caitlin, Rene, Samuel and Luke appeared. Peter asks why are all these people were shown and then Al said that Peter, Sylar and Sandra must return to the past and and save Virginia Gray. Peter is skeptical but Al reaches out his hand and Peter, Sylar and Sandra disappear.

In a different Location Gretchen Scott climbs out of the taxi and she thanks Scott. Walking up some steps she sees Doyle, he tries to speak but she ignores him.

At that time, Peter, Sandra and Sylar appeared at Virginia's house and saw that the Virginia attacked Sylar with scissors. Then Peter stopped time and Sylar grasped Virginia before teleporting Sandra, Peter, Sylar and Virginia to a field. Virginia begins to scream and then Sylar said that he is the future and that he wants to change the past. But then some peolple aim their weapons towards them.

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