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Lois Freeman
Portrayed by Zooey Deschanel
First appearance After Apocalypse
In-story stats
Known ability Ability Amplification
Age 29
Date of death 2011
Occupation Pinehearst Agent

Lois Freeman was a Pinehearst Agent who was killed after amplifying Meredith Gordon's ability.

Character History

After Apocalypse

In the year 2011, during the battle at Pinehearst, Lois sneaks up on Meredith Gordon and uses her power to amplify Meredith's ability. Meredith explodes, completely destroying the Pinehearst Building and everyone inside.

Evolved Human Abilities

Future Lois possesses the power to amplify the strength of other evolved human abilities. Unlike her younger self, Future Lois can release long concentrated pulses of energy that force other evolved humans to use their amplified abilities.

See Also

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