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Lois Freeman
Lois Freeman.jpg
Portrayed by Zooey Deschanel
First appearance Infiltration
In-story stats
Known ability Ability Amplification
Age 24
Date of death 2007
Occupations Pinehearst Agent, Former Company Agent

Lois Freeman was an evolved human who could amplify the abilities of others. She was working as an agent of the Pinehearst Company and was shot dead by Tyson Russel.

Character History


Lois is introduced to whom she believes to be John Fraser by Maury Parkman. Maury claims that Lois is a valuable asset to Pinehearst and snatches some files she was working on out of her hands and hands them to John/Jordan. Lois later brings John/Jordan some coffee and the two discuss their pasts with Lois revealing her previous isolation in her home with 13 cats, despite being severely allergic to them. John/Jordan tells her about the first time his ability manifested but his story is cut off when Maury and several guards enter the room, claiming John/Jordan is a spy. Lois is told to get up and leave the room as several guns are aimed at him.

After Apocalypse

Lois is taken to Jordan's cell by Maury Parkman and is forced to amplify Jordan's abilities.

As Jordan's amplification begins to wear off, Lois is ordered to repeat the process until Maury deems it necessary to stop the mission. Lois stands by Maury as he reveals Mr. Petrelli's plans to Jordan.


Lois watches Jordan in his cell. She picks up her phone and calls Mr. Petrelli and pleads with him to release Jordan. Arthur refuses and tells her that she must kill him. Lois hangs up and tells this to Jordan. Lois then calls Tina Bui at Primatech and orders her to send help for Jordan. Tina tells her that help is already on the way and hangs up. Lois reveals to Jordan that she is actually a double agent, like him, and was sent to work as a Pinehearst agent. She releases him and tells him that Company agents are on their way to rescue him. Jordan thanks her and leaves.

Lois soon shoots a Company agent dead and amplifies another's energy abilities to boiling point. She reveals her true loyalties to Pinehearst, Arthur and his vision of a perfect world. Tyson Russel then shoots her twice in the chest, killing her.

Evolved Human Abilities

Lois possessess the ability to amplify the powers of others through touch. The result of her abilities leave her targets with a mass of red energy that flows and escapes through their bodies in a rather painful process. Lois has shown that she is also able to generate blasts of concentrated energy that is also capable of amplifying another person's abilities.


  • Lois used to live by herself secluded from everyone apart from her 13 cats despite being allergic to them.
  • Despite being an original Primatech agent, Lois changed sides and became a Pinehearst agent.

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