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Ability Amplification
Jordan notices the effects of his power charge begin to take effect.
Held by: Lois Freeman (deceased)
Ability to: Amplify the abilities of other evolved humans.

Ability Amplification is the ability to amplify the power of other abilities.



Lois seemed to be able to vastly amplify the power of other abilities with a single touch of her hand. She claimed that she could "overload" or "fry" the bodies of evolved humans if she touched them too long as their abilities would be amplified to much. It is unknown if Lois could amplify all abilities, if she could decrease the power of abilities, or if she could amplify them without physical contact. (After Apocalypse)

Lois was able to release a sort of wave of energy from her hand that amplified abilities 100% when it made contact with an evolved human. (Escape)

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