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Mary generates some fire.
Held by: Meredith Gordon (deceased)
Mary Griffin (deceased)
Mr Vahava (deceased)
Iris Montez
Ability to: Generate and manipulate fire
Examples of pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis is the ability to generate and manipulate fire.



Meredith Gordon

Meredith was able to generate bright orange flames from her hands. With this power, she was also able to shoot concentrated streams of fire from her hands. She showed a high degree of control over this ability and, when angered by Mary, her flames briefly turned blue before returning to their normal orange colour. When Meredith's ability was amplified 100 times over, she exploded on such a level that the entire Pinehearst Building and the surrounding area was destroyed. (After Apocalypse)

Mary Griffin

Like Meredith, Mary was able to generate fire from her hands. Unlike Meredith, Mary was able to super heat her flames, making them bright blue. She was also able to lengthen her flames so that they reached up to her elbow. Mary was also able to generate the flames and move them all over her body.(After Apocalypse)

Mr Vahava

Vahava produced blue flames from the palms of his hands and was able to shoot them from his body. Little else is known about Vahava's control over his ability as he was only seen demonstrating it once.


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