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Magnetic Manipulation
Magnetic manip..jpg
To avoid the agents, the High school kid moves a dumpster to launch at them.
Held by: Hight School Kid
Ability to: manipulate metal in various ways

Magnetic Manipulation is the ability to manipulate metal in various ways.


  • High School Kid


This ability seems to work in two ways. To lift or move small items, the user forms his/her hand like the first picture below. To lift more bigger things, the user must form his/her hands like the picture above, with little green electrical arcs in between. The likits to this ability are mostly byproducts of others. They include:

  • Magnetism: Can move metal with the mind
  • Magnetic fields: Small magnetic forcefields
  • When concentrating, the user can put iron in people blood through physical contact so the user is able to control, or even punch him/her with the enhanced strength byproduct.
    • When this is being done, green electrical sparks, go from the the user's body to the other person, but only where they are touching, as in the last two pictures below. When this is being done, the other person cannot feel what is happening, only there hand where ever they are touching.

High School Kid

The High Schooler seemed to have little control over this ability. He only seemed to be able to lift small objects like spoons and forks. The high school kid refrains from inserting metal into people. He finds that it could harm someone if he plans to throw a lot of metal, the person could go flying too. Sonny also does not want to feel like he can control everyone. In fact, he hardly uses this aspect of the ability at all.


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