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Susan Amman
Unnamed woman 2.jpg
Portrayed by Unknown
First mentioned Homecoming
In-story stats
Known ability Forcefields
Date of death 1993
Occupation Company Founder
Other relatives unnamed sister (deceased)
unnamed brother-in-law (deceased)
Tracy Strauss
Niki Sanders
Barbara Eventor

Susan Amman was one of the Company's founders. She was an evolved human with the ability to erect protective forcefields and manipulate them at will.

Character History


Susan's sister and brother-in-law were murdered by Samson Gray in 1974. They left 3 kids behind, Tracy, Niki and Barbara.

After Company was founded

Susan was appointed by Jonathan Walker in 1977 as the Company's vice council leader. After Walker's death, She adopted the policy of "One of Us, One of Them", and she built up Level 5 in 1979. Under her command, the Company declared war with Rollo Fusor and his team and Dark Knight.

In 1993, she died because of Leukemia.

The Kindness of Strangers

A woman is amongst the group of twelve, standing near Mr. Linderman.

Cautionary Tales

A woman is identified by Matt Parkman as the deceased Susan Amman.

Evolved Human Abilities

Susan had the ability of Forcefields, also can use it as Seismic burst.