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Samson Gray
Samson Gray.jpg
Portrayed by John Glover
First appearance Exposed
In-story stats
Known abilities Intuitive aptitude
Acquired abilities demonstrated:
Water manipulation (lost),
Shadow mimicry,
Acidic blood (lost),
Metal mimicry (lost),
Neurocognitive deficit (lost),
Phoenix mimicry,
Persuasion (lost),
Aliases The fifth brain man,
Merle Eckles
Nickname Abilities container
Date of marriage 1970
Date of death 2008
Home Newark, NJ
Residence Trailer in woods
formerly Samson Gray's home
Occupation Taxidermist
Significant other Vanessa Wallace (deceased)
Guardian Amos Blake (deceased)
Child Gabriel Gray
Sibling Martin Gray
Other relatives Virginia Gray (sister-in-law, deceased),
Kenneth Wallace (brother-in-law, deceased)

Samson Gray was a taxidermist from Newark, New Jersey. His brother, Martin, reveals that Samson is the biological father of Gabriel Gray. He was an evolved human with the ability to intuitively know how things work and acquire people's ability through brain examination.

Character History


Angela says that she knows who Sylar's father is.

Graphic Novel:Searching for Answers in Berlin

Sylar goes to Berlin for Samantha Zimmerman. Barbara knows Sylar in a letter of her brother. She thinks that Sylar is going to kill her adoptive mother, Samantha Zimmerman, and absorbs her ability. She tries to stop him in the moviehaus, but she is failed. Samantha shows up and tells Sylar that if he wants to find his biological father, he needs to see his adoptive father in Baltimore first.

A Clear and Present Danger

Sylar goes to Baltimore, MD and visits Harbor Watch Shop, and is reunited with Martin Gray, the ex-husband of his adoptive mother Virginia Gray. Martin states that he is not the biological father, but rather his brother Samson is. Sylar uses his ability of lie detection to determine that truth, and then goes to Newark to pay a visit to Samson Gray's home. There, he finds on the mantel a childhood picture of himself, a picture of Samson holding a pelt, and Samson sitting on a motorcycle, but does not find Samson at home.

After Sylar pays a visit to Martin, Martin calls Samson, tries to tell him his son is coming, but Samson is failed to receive this call because Danko's men get to Samson.

Trust and Blood

Mary and Luke Campbell see police cars parked outside Samson Gray's home and Mary says that she never liked that old man. After Sylar holds them hostage in their own home, Luke tells Sylar that he knows Samson and can help to find him.

Building 26

Sylar and Luke drive west in search of Samson Gray. At one point, Luke asks Sylar if he likes birds as much his father did, and reveals that Samson used to take him out birding. This awakens a childhood memory in Sylar of being taken out in his father's red wagon as a small child. Luke knows that the young Sylar was sold for money, and suggests that Samson confessed this to him because he reminded the old man of his son.


Sylar visits an abandoned diner and has flashbacks of his father bringing him there as a little boy in 1980. Samson brings the young Sylar over to a table where a man and a woman are sitting; they hand Samson a bundle of cash and he hands over Sylar. He then turns and heads out the door, but Sylar runs out after him. Samson Gray then gets in his car and appears to argue with Sylar's mother. From outside the car, Sylar watches as his father slices his mother's head open. He then pushes her body out of the car and drives away as Sylar stares in horror.

Shades of Gray

Sylar finally finds Samson in a trailer in the woods. Sylar says he's Samson's son and that he plans to kill him, but Samson turns around, revealing he's on oxygen, and tells him to go ahead as he's dying of cancer anyway. Samson performs taxidermy, which he says is a hobby, on a rabbit, with Sylar's assistance. He uses sedation to prevent the rabbit from escaping, and reveals that, like Sylar, he can take other people's powers but that he no longer uses or even remembers most of those he once possessed. Samson admits he can't remember why he sold Sylar and killed his mother, simply because it didn't really matter to him. He explains how terrible it is to have led an unfulfilled life, and mocks Sylar for always choosing easy targets that are not a challenge.

When Sylar accidentally cuts his own hand with a knife, Samson watches in amazement as the cut heals. Sylar explains that he took this ability from a cheerleader and boasts that he will never die, but Samson says that a longer life would mean only more suffering. Distracting Sylar's attention for a moment, Samson uses telekinesis to pin him to the wall with arrows, then sedates him. Sylar wakes up to find his father trying to cut open his head; his hunger has been reawakened and with his health restored, he says he will use his abilities to take real power and "change the world". However, Sylar successfully uses telekinesis to disarm and restrain his father, and comments that as a hunter, he should have known he was "playing possum". He nearly strangles Samson with his oxygen tubes, but eventually leaves him to die in pain from his disease. Samson is later seen smoking calmly in his chair, breathing with an oxygen mask.

I Am Sylar

Imagining that he is speaking to his adoptive mother, Sylar explains how he went to visit his father but found him alone and pathetic, and knew that he didn't want to become him.

Luke steals a car, and comes to Samson's trailer. Luke learns everything about Sylar from Samson. Samson begs for a quick death, but Luke refuses and brings him back to Newark. Luke looks after him until Samson dies in August of 2008.

An Invisible Thread

Sylar tells Claire Bennet that his father is currently dying. He then tells her he met his biological father, and that it was disappointing. Later, as Matt Parkman reprograms Sylar's mind to make him believe he is Nathan Petrelli, he goes through the moment at Big Jim's Franks and Fries where Samson sells a young Gabriel to Martin Gray.

Graphic Novel:The Lesson of Being a Brain Man, Part 1

Before Samson dies, he starts to remember his whole life. In 1961, Soviet Union was also exterminating evolved humans. Samson's father tried to teleport his sons away, but he was killed by the soldier first. They mimicked shadow to escape, and Samson accidentally teleported them to America. Ten years later, they met Olga Tscherkasov and knew that their mother was died in Gulag.

Graphic Novel:The Lesson of Being a Brain Man, Part 2

Gray brothers appear at Amos Blake's home. Amos is in shock, but he gives them some snacks first, then asks them where they come from. In the talk, Amos learns that Samson can intuitively know how things work and Martin can mimic shadow. Amos is a serial killer, but he loves children very much, so he adopts them as his sons.

Graphic Novel:The Lesson of Being a Brain Man, Part 3

In 1965, Amos and Samson arrive at Coyote Sands. Amos is mourning his deceased niece who had killed by government in there. Suddenly, a soldier shoots at Amos from dark, and Amos gets hurt. He tells Samson that he must escape, then disarms Adam. Samson comes back Coyote Sands 5 days later, he sees the dead body of Amos.

Graphic Novel:The Lesson of Being a Brain Man, Part 4

14 years after the death of Amos Blake, Samson attacks an escaped prisoner from the Company, Barbie Travis, in Burnt Toast Diner. He rips her head open, and steals her ability. Samson is later caught by police, but he makes them believe that Merle Eckles is not him, then escapes from them.

Let It Bleed

Millie talks about old company's foundation with Angela. They remembers that Susan Amman was really upset when they recruited Samson. Susan wanted to take revenge for her sister whom Samson killed in 1974, but she was stopped by Professor Walker. They suspects that Samson craved Jonathan's ability since this incident.

Evolved Human Abilities

Samson Gray's innate ability is intuitive aptitude, the ability to intuitively understand how something works. Like Sylar, he used this ability to collect abilities from other evolved humans, but claims to have forgotten most of them. He has so far displayed telekinesis and sedation in the episodes.


  • Amos told Samson that, there were three brain men before Amos. They were:
    • Chen Huang Hui (Chinese, male, demonstrated abilities: 12, victims: 52, span of killing: 1528 - 1626, cause of death: murder);
    • Meredith Anders (Dutch, female, demonstrated abilities: 14, victims: 23, span of killing: 1749 - 1766, caused of death: disease);
    • "Jack the ripper" (English, male, demonstrated abilities: 18, victims: >60, time: 1888 - 1917, caused of death: accident, killed in Zeppelins' bombing)
  • Samson's guardian, Amos Blake, also possessed intuitive aptitude. Amos was the fourth brain man, and he demonstrated 7 abilities. Amos demonstrated abilities:
  • Amos was killed by Adam Monroe in the ruins of Coyote Sands in 1965. They battled 3 days in there, finally Adam decapitated Amos because a thunder striked on Amos.


  • In an interview producer/writer Bryan Fuller said Samson "was going to be the ultimate evil, the devil essentially." This was later cut as it was deemed to be too similar to the Villains story arc.

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