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Dark Knight
Purpose: To destroy the Company
Known leaders: Samson Gray (1980),
George Hawkins (1980-84),
Richard Drucker (1984-87),
Savannah Lucas (1987-88),
Chad Penn (1988-90)
Known members: Josephine Allan (deceased),
Tiffany Andrews (deceased),
Elizabeth Axelson (deceased),
Richard Drucker (deceased),
Samson Gray,
George Hawkins (deceased),
Kozuv (deceased),
Savannah Lucas (deceased),
Louis McDowell (deceased),
Michiyo Nozawa,
Chad Penn,
Hatori Sayuri (deceased),
Michael Tavara (deceased),
Vanessa Wallace (deceased),
Kenneth Wallace (deceased),
Lucy Young
Affiliated sites: San Diego, CA

A group of 16 people founded this organization and once worked together to try to take down the Company.

(This is the data of Dark Knight from SkyNet's intelligence agency.)

Who and Where are they?

Name Ability Last location D/A?
Allan, Josephine Telepathy Atlantic City, NJ Deceased
(Cause of Death: Suicide)
Andrews, Tiffany Technopathy Genova, Italy Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Axelson, Elizabeth Dynamic camouflage Seattle, WA Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Drucker, Richard Digital communication Paro, Bhutan Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Gray, Samson Intuitive aptitude Samson Gray's trailer Alive
Hawkins, George Creativity Ottawa, Canada Deceased
(Cause of Death: Disease)
Kozuv Temperature manipulation Angola Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Lucas, Savannah Empathy Washington, DC Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
McDowell, Louis Dimension hopping Dijon, France Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Michiyo Nozawa Lung adaptation New York City, NY Alive
Penn, Chad Enhanced olfaction Atlanta, GA Alive
Sayuri, Hatori Induced radioactivity Osaka, Japan Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Tavara, Michael Laser emission Hartsdale, NY Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Wallace, Kenneth Magnetism Russellville, AR Deceased
(Cause of Death: Accident)
Wallace, Vanessa Telekinesis Big Jim's Franks & Fries Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Young, Lucy Animal mimicry Los Angeles, CA Alive