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Peter Petrelli
Portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia (31+),
Trenton Rogers (7)
First appearance The Lives We Live
In-story stats
Known abilities Empathic mimicry,
Multiple mimicked abilities
Formal name Peter Petrelli
Nickname Pete
Age 49 (2029),
31 (2011)
Date of birth December 23, 1979
Place of birth Manhattan, NY
Home Manhattan, NY,
formerly Midland, TX,
formerly New Orleans, LA,
formerly Barstow, CA,
formerly Ikitsuki, Japan
Residences Petrelli mansion,
Kirishitan Cathedral
Occupations Medical Professional and Reserve Agent of Primatech,
former terrorist,
former hospice nurse
Parents Angela Petrelli,
Arthur Petrelli
Grandparents Mr. Shaw,
Mrs. Shaw
Child Hannah Petrelli
Siblings Nathan Petrelli,
Gabriel Gray
Other relatives Niece:
Claire Bennet
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli,
Noah Gray,
Andrew Petrelli
Elle Gray,
Tracy Petrelli

Peter Petrelli is a version of Peter Petrelli in The World Entire universe. He is a Special, a medical professional and reserve agent of the Company, a former terrorist, and a rebel against the The Pinehearst Company.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclysm

Though not mentioned, Peter's corpse is in the background of the Pinehearst Morgue. Peter's past self is not seen but mentioned as causing the fatal wound on Nathan's head (The Blood Between Us). Peter is mentioned twice in this chapter. Matt comments on his betrayal to Claire, and Tracy Petrelli asks about the past Peter's whereabouts and Gabriel notes that he's "on a slab at Pinehearst" (Family). Matt pulls Peter out of a morgue cabinet, pulls out a bullet from the back of his head, and inserts a chemical coma kit into him. Peter does not resurrect, however, until Claire shows up. Matt proceeds to trick Claire and escape with Peter's alive but comatose body (The Lives We Live).

Peter awakes but soon discovers he's in one of Matt's mind traps. After Peter explains he had nothing to do with the Costa Verde Disaster, Matt asks him for his help (Turning the Tide). Matt releases Peter from the mind trap and the two discuss the Broken Earth Cataclysm. Matt explains that he's well aware of the Cataclysm and is the one responsible for bringing it to light, and promises to help Peter if he can help him find his daughter Molly. Peter learns to access Molly's power by remembering her at Kirby Plaza during his fight with Sylar. They discover she's with Mohinder at his lab. Peter teleports them away (The Right Choice).

Peter and Matt arrive at Mohinder's lab only to find Molly with a strange creature. Matt mentally attacks it to save Molly and Peter threatens it before they discover it's Mohinder. Peter asks Mohinder to make an antidode to the Formula compound, to which Mohinder would need the actual diagram. Peter knows how to get it, but first he needs Molly to find someone (The First Domino). Molly Walker locates Hiro Nakamura for Peter and he teleports to him on a remote Japanese island. After explaining their plan, Hiro gives Peter half of the Formula diagram and promises to get the other half from Yamagato Industries (The First Step).

Peter returns just as Matt is leaving. Barbara visits them, pretending to be Tracy, in hopes of stealing Peter's half of the Formula. Mohinder sees through her ruse and alerts Peter by telling him how to activate his enhanced hearing and whispering to him. Barbara realizes she's made so uses her ability to attack them. Peter manages to make himself invisible with the Formula, but the vertigo makes it impossible for him to move. Barbara intensifies her attack, but when Micah arrives at the lab, it distracts Barbara well enough for Peter to race to her and Super strength knock her out. Micah attacks Peter, knowing him a terrorist and thinking him to have attacked his favorite aunt, but the confusion is resolved. Peter continues to help with the production of the Antidote-releasing robots.

His mother calls him, asking him to aid Primatech against the attack by Pinehearst. Peter shows up, but only in time to see Gabriel scalp and cure Claire's analgesia. Claire has an emotional breakdown and goes to Peter, until that moment her sworn enemy, and asks him to take her away from there. Peter takes her to a motel, where she washes out her hair and exchanges her Pinehearst uniform for regular clothes that Peter bought her. The two make up and Claire decides to join Peter in his quest to remove the abilities of Synthetics.

On their way to Mohinder's lab, their journey is interrupted by the falling bodies of several Yamagato salespeople. Claire attempts to heal them, but finds her abilities gone. Peter teleports away to the lab, where he injects himself with the Formula and discusses with Mohinder how the Antidote has removed the abilities all Specials and rendered non-Naturals (and those predisposed to abilities) intolerant to the Formula. Peter injects Mohinder and many others, including his brother, Tracy, and Andrew. He then travels back in time to visit Charlie Andrews so he can mimic her ability, memorize the Formula, and destroy all copies.

A week later, Nathan pins the blame for the Epidemic on Peter's former terrorist associates and conscripts Peter and the rest of his group to employment in the Company, now run by him. Peter is made one of the new founders.

In 1987, 7-year-old Peter is brought to Charles Deveaux's apartment to have a play date with Simone. As Simone is too enthralled with The Joy of Painting, Peter visits with Charles about life and heroism. Charles finds Peter to be wise and selfless beyond his years. The conversation is cut short when Simone drags Peter back into her room to play Barbies and Superman action figures.

Volume Two: Progeny

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Evolved Human Abilities

Peter has his natural ability of empathic mimicry. Having never lost his ability to his father, Peter has retained all his previous abilities, as well as mimicking several new ones and learning to use some that he has previously absorbed but not demonstrated.

By 2012, Peter is having trouble with his abilities and has Gabriel diagnose his problem. With so many abilities, he's losing control of them, so Gabriel suggests he forget the initial moment of meeting Specials whose powers he no longer wants. It is unknown which powers he's forgotten, but Gabriel notes that he will have a difficult time forgetting powers of people he has a strong emotional connection to.

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