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Meredith Gordon
Portrayed by Jessalyn Gilsig
First appearance The Child in My Dreams
In-story stats
Known ability Pyrokinesis
Alias Meredith Gordon-Lemay
Age 38 (in 2011)
58 (in 2029)
Date of birth February 26, 1973
Place of birth Kingsland, AR
Home Midland, TX,
Manhattan, NY (former),
Barstow, CA (former)
Occupations Regional Director of Primatech Midland,
Director of the Company,
Regional Director of Primatech Hartsdale,
Senior Agent of the Company
Significant others Howard Lemay (ex-husband),
Nathan Petrelli (ex-boyfriend)
Parents Flint Gordon, Sr. (deceased),
Rose Gordon (deceased)
Children Claire Bennet,
Savannah Rose Lemay
Sibling Flint Gordon

Meredith Gordon, previously known as Meredith Gordon-Lemay, is a version of Meredith Gordon in The World Entire universe. She is a Special and an employee of the Company.

Character History

My Firefly

Meredith does not appear and is not mentioned in My Firefly.

Volume One: Cataclysm

Meredith, a Company agent, and her partner Victor Abano are assigned by Angela Petrelli to retrieve a rogue Special from ground zero of the destroyed Costa Verde and are offered the rare Natural regenerator blood to protect them from radiation poisoning (The Child in My Dreams). They arrive and encounter the Special where the Grays' house used to stand. He tries to attack and Victor shoots his gun at him while Meredith flames him, to no avail before Meredith realizes that it's Noah Gray, who supposedly died during the Costa Verde Disaster. (The Blood Between Us). They take Noah, now superhumanly strong to Primatech Barstow, where a doctor declares Noah healthy, but his skin strangely sandpaper rough. Meredith uses regenerator blood to heal from a scalding debris shower, which is painful as her nerves regrow. Angela relates that she foresaw Noah's birth, which disgusts Meredith, who feels like Angela planned it (Second Chances). When Noah's parents Gabriel and Elle arrive to welcome their now-alive son, Meredith explains Angela's fortelling of Noah, angering Elle and causing minor annoyance to Gabriel. She also helps demonstrate Noah's newly-discovered ability. Later, Tracy Petrelli arrives to inquire about Peter Petrelli's whereabouts. Being the wife of Meredith's former lover, things are tense between the two.

Volume Two: Progeny

Meredith, now the Regional Director of Primatech Hartsdale and the de facto Company Director, is waiting at DFW Airport in Dallas, TX, when she notices her flight to Odessa is cancelled because of the Odessa Disaster. She receives a phone call from Tracy Petrelli, alerting her that she is about to be promoted to Company Director immediately, due to the likely death of Nathan. In an informal ceremony a few days later, Meredith is sworn in. Meredith resigns her position to Bess Detskij three years later, in 2015. She is very excited to see Hannah, who she treats like a granddaughter. By 2026, she and Howard have divorced, and Meredith is made Regional Director of the newly established Primatech Midland. In 2029, her daughter Savannah has moved to New York City to live with her father, whom she calls to check in with.

Meredith hosts Charlie Andrews when she pops out of the timestream.

Evolved Human Pyrokinesis

Meredith has the ability to create and manipulate fire. She briefly lost it during the Epidemic but Peter Petrelli presumably returned her abilities. Meredith's flames are yellow and she has a very high level of control over them.

Memorable Quotes

"Claire, baby, I don't know how you do this."

- Meredith about experiencing painful tissue regeneration (Second Chances)



  • When 14-year-old Nathan is flying over Texas to receive his Formula shot, he spies a burning house below. This is presumably from when Meredith burned down her father's house.

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