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The Army Of Nathan Petrelli's Grandad
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The Army Of Nathan Petrelli's Grandad was formed by Francis Petrelli Angela's Father.The army was disbanded after the events of Dual


Episode:The Parallel Episode

All character's from my lego heroes meet my lego counterparts in a funny episode.

Graphic Novel:The Fight Of A Lifetime.

Noah Tells Peter About The Fight Between The Company And The Army Of Nathan Petrelli's Grandad,He Tells Her Since That Batlle They Have Joined Sides.

Memorable Quotes

"The Army Of Nathan Petrelli's Grandad" "Huh."

- Parrallel Pete, Peter This Could Be The Start Of Something Bad.



  • Arthur fainted when he saw Nathan Belly dancing.
  • The Haitian Thinks That His Brother,Baron Samedi's name is funny becuase it translates to baron saturday.
  • All the members Love Maury Parkman's pizza delivery service,They all Have thier own styles sylar likes lots of bacon,Flint likes It Extra Crispy + Arthur Likes it Alive.
  • And when Angela saw her son belly dancing, she joined in,Arthur Said why and she said it it had to be done.
  • Thats When Peter Came In And Did The Waltz With Caitlin.
  • Then Len said SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • And Bruno Went EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • But Horrible Craig Went ONE!!!!!!!
  • And arthur with his wife started crying
  • And Peter Blew Up.
  • But Nathan Said You Saved The Cheerleader So Len Could Go SEVEN!!!!!! Again

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