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User:Heroes Legends/Abilities (Listed)

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Power Former Possessors Current Possessors
Ability Counteraction None Ross
The ability to reverse the effects of one's ability.
Accelerated Probability None John Dolan,
The ability to see and react faster than normal.
Biological Manipulation None Tyler Gavin,
Andrew Gavin (mentioned only)
The ability to manipulate life.
Clairsentience Reyes None
The ability to Perceive the history of an object.
Destruction Projection None Ryan Stewart
destroy items with one's mind.
Electric Manipulation Arthur Petrelli None
The ability to generate and propel charges of electricity ranging from minor to fatal voltage.
Enhanced Radioactivity None Tommy
The ability to emit a high power of radiation.
Enhanced Strength None Michael Fitzgerald
The ability to exert greater than normal physical force.
Flight None Unknown Male
The ability to propel one's self through the air.
Nina's Ability None Nina Matthews
The ability to cause one to become in a state, similar to a coma.
Rapid Cellular Regeneration Mark,
Arthur Petrelli
Victor White
The ability to rapidly regenerate cells.
Seismic Burst Jack Foreman None
The ability to emit a burst of energy.
Space-Time Manipulation Sean Allen,
Arthur Petrelli
The ability to control time and space.
Spontaneous Combustion None Jimmy Wright
The ability to cause objects or people to burst into flames by focusing on them.
Telekinesis Arthur Petrelli Daniel Richards
The ability to move objects with the mind.
Telepathy Reyes,
Arthur Petrelli
The ability to mentally control functions of the brain.