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Peter's emo hair
Isaac what have you done.jpg
Peter and his hair

First appearance: Genesis

Peter Petrelli has an emo hairstyle. His hair often covers his face, and he often adjusts his hair, pushing it back with his hand.



Isaac paints a painting of Peter flying, his hair sticking up. When Peter looks at this painting, a lock of hair covers his face.

As Peter jumps off a rooftop, his hair flies upward.

One Giant Leap

When Peter falls to the ground, his emo hair reveals itself.

Peter's emo hair is very prominent in the rain.


In bed, Peter strokes his hair while looking at Simone.

At Mohinder's door, Peter pushes his hair back.

While time is frozen, Peter's unique hairstyle appears.


Peter's hair covers the right side of his face when he answer Hiro's call.

Nothing to Hide

As Peter's family dines with Oliver Dennison, Peter's hair is somewhat loose.


During and after Homecoming, Peter's hair hangs loosely.

Six Months Ago

When Peter wakes up from a dream about Nathan's accident, Peter's emo hair makes an appearance.


Having absorbed so many abilities, Peter is in bad shape, and so is his hair. Eventually, Peter passes out and has a vision in which his own explosion causes his hair to fly everywhere.

The Fix

On the Deveaux building rooftop, Peter asks Claude for his help, but all he gets is his hair looking down from the rooftop.


While Peter and Claude walk through a street invisible, Peter's hair is unorganized.

As Peter falls, his hair is blown upward.


Peter's emo hair conceals his face when he stops tasers in mid-air. Later, he has the hair when he and Claude argue.

Isaac's depiction of Peter includes emo hair.

Peter looks pretty emo when Simone is shot.


When a teary Peter informs Nathan of Simone's death, the hair is back.

Sylar daringly cuts off Peter's defining characteristic.


The hair returns when Peter returns.

Five Years Gone

In the Dark Future, Peter gels his hair back so that it doesn't cover part of his face.

The Hard Part

When Peter and Claire visit Nathan in his office, Peter's hair disorganizes itself.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

After Peter blacks out in a street, he has a vision in which a younger version of himself appears. They both have emo hair.

Peter's emo hair is ruffled after he punches Sylar a few times.

Four Months Later...

Peter appears in a shipping container in Ireland, and he no longer has emo hair!

Four Months Ago...

Peter's hair flies everywhere when he explodes. After, he is taken by Bob and Elle to Bob's office, where his emo hair is parted neatly to the side.

Elle gives Peter a haircut.


Peter's emo hairstyle is still shown in the flashback.


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