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This page contains primarily comparisons, as well as various references in Heroes.

General References

Prophecy Realization
At an abandoned refinery, Zach tapes Claire trying to kill herself multiple times. Claire survives because she is virtually indestructible thanks to her ability. Later, Zach and Claire are walking home, and Claire says, "I'm so depressed." (Genesis) Angela reveals to Peter that his father (who happens to be Claire's biological grandfather) committed suicide. According to Angela, he tried to kill himself twice before he was successful the third time. She also reveals to Peter that her husband was diagnosed with major depressive disorder when he was 23. The disorder can start with delusions of grandeur -- think you're invincible or indestructible. (Don't Look Back)
On Hiro's office desk, an action figure with a sword faces a figurine of Godzilla. (Genesis) Isaac paints a painting of a sword-wielding Hiro facing a dinosaur. (Fallout)
Mohinder narrates, "For all his bluster, it is the sad province of man that he cannot choose his triumph. He can only choose how he will stand when the call of destiny comes. Hoping that he'll have the courage to answer." (Don't Look Back) After Hiro receives a phone call from Isaac, Ando asks who called. Hiro answers, "Destiny!" (Fallout)
Eden introduces macaroni and cheese to Mohinder, and says that "it's what Americans eat when they want to commit suicide slowly". (One Giant Leap) Eden commits suicide in order to prevent Sylar from obtaining her ability. (Fallout)
Future Hiro, who is trying to prevent the explosion, tells Peter, "Be the one we need." (Hiros) Angela, who supports the explosion, tells Nathan, "Can you be the one we need?" (The Hard Part)
When Audrey threatens to shoot Ted, Ted suggests that he might explode. (Nothing to Hide) After Thompson unwittingly shoots Ted, Ted is unable to control his ability, and eventually burns the Bennets' home down. (Company)
Jackie tells Claire that destiny is calling her to be a cheerleader. (Six Months Ago) Future Hiro gives Peter an important message: "Save the cheerleader, save the world." (Collision)
Peter has a dream in which Nathan "turns into" Sylar. (Fallout) In a possible future, Sylar kills Nathan and impersonates him using the ability of illusion. (Five Years Gone)
Peter has a dream in which he is battling a villain known as the "The Rocket", who happens to wear a suit which makes him invulnerable. After The Rocket crashes to the ground, his mask comes off, and Peter realizes that the villain is himself. In his nightmare, Peter proclaims, "I'm not the bad guy. I'm not the villain." (Super-Heroics) While discussing the impending explosion, Nathan asks Hiro what he thinks will make the bomb go off. Hiro answers that it is "probably [the] bad guy". When Nathan asks, "Bad guy?", and Hiro replies, "Yes, like billain." Nathan emphatically repeats the word "villain" to correct Hiro's pronunciation. Having done that, he continues, "Like the guy in the painting?" The camera shifts to the Exploding Man painting. Behind the painting is the painting of Peter flying. The camera moves again, and the painting of Peter being attacked by locker doors is next to the Exploding Man painting. (Godsend)
As Hiro and Ando roam around a parking lot, Hiro asks Ando if it is his destiny to kill the bomb man. (The Fix) Hiro is instructed to kill Sylar, the man Future Hiro believed to be the cause of the explosion. (Five Years Gone)
Peter pwned taxi.jpg

After Claude throws Peter of the Deveaux building rooftop, Peter lands on top of a taxi, impaled in the chest by a piece of metal which strongly resembles Hiro's sword. (Distractions)

Hiro intends to kill Sylar, and consults a 9th Wonders! comic of him stabbing Sylar in the chest. (The Hard Part)
After Claude throws Peter off the Deveaux building rooftop, Peter is impaled by a piece of metal that strongly resembles Hiro's sword. An advertisement for a samurai exhibit in the Museum of Natural History also appears under Peter's body. Peter survives thanks to Claire's regeneration. Later, Peter angrily yells at Claude, "You threw me off of a 30-story building! If I didn't regenerate, I'd be dead!" Claude replies, "Well, you could have flown. Listen, if you hadn't have worked this one out, you'd have been hopeless anyway. And I'd have defused the biggest bomb ever." (Distractions) Future Hiro tries to defuse the biggest bomb ever, Sylar, by stabbing him with his sword. However, Sylar survives thanks to Claire's regeneration. (String Theory, Five Years Gone)
When Dallas and Austin arrive at a farming village filled with vegetables, Austin mentions that it is paradise. (War Buddies, Part 3) When Nathan first meets Mr. Linderman in the Corinthian Casino kitchen, Linderman, surrounded by vegetables, says, "Do you enjoy vegetables, Mr. Petrelli?" (Parasite)
Dallas tells Austin that he can save thousands of lives by bombing Au Co's village, sacrificing the lives of the farmers. (War Buddies, Part 3) Linderman tells Nathan that he can heal the world if he uses the explosion as a catalyst for change, sacrificing the citizens of New York. (.07%)
Dallas and Austin seek to destroy Au Co to help the war by saving thousands of lives. However, they soon learn that Au Co was actually a young girl. Dallas could tell that Austin was connected to the girl because she was an evolved human like Austin. (War Buddies, Part 4) Mr. Bennet and Matt seek to destroy the Walker system to protect the people they love and take down the Company. However, they soon discover that the Walker system is actually a young girl. Matt is connected to Molly; they are both evolved humans, and have met before. (Landslide)
Austin calls Dallas crazy for calling Au Co the enemy. (War Buddies, Part 4)
Mohinder says that people are "variations of the last model" and Peter replies that people are "cheap knockoffs of [their] fathers." (Collision)
Nathan tells Peter that he jumped off the roof of a 15-story building and that "the rest" was just crazy talk. Later, Nathan meets Peter on another rooftop. He tells him that he was so sure when they were flying and says, "Now it turns out I'm just going crazy." (Don't Look Back)
Austin suggests that Dallas is delusional to their superior officer. (War Buddies, Part 5) Angela reveals to Peter that his father suffered from an illness that can start with delusions of grandeur. (Don't Look Back)
Molly tells Mohinder that the boogeyman "sees into your soul, and then he eats your brain." (The Hard Part) Chandra tells Gabriel that "if the soul exists, scientifically speaking, it exists in the brain." After studying Brian Davis, Gabriel exclaims, "Suresh was right. It's so clear now. How it all works, pieces fitting together. It is in the brain!" Sylar "sees into your soul" and eats takes your brain. (Six Months Ago)
Virginia Gray tells her son that he can become president if he wanted. (The Hard Part) In a possible future, Sylar is the President of the United States. (Five Years Gone)
Charles Deveaux says that Nathan won't save the world and that the world won't be save on strength. (How to Stop an Exploding Man) In Isaac's loft, a newspaper clipping of Nathan hangs in Future Hiro's string web. It reads: "Our Strength in Dark Times". But, the world wasn't saved. (Five Years Gone)
Charles Deveaux tells Peter that he will save the world because his heart is the ability to love unconditionally. He concludes, "Like I told you, in the end, all that really matters is love." (How to Stop an Exploding Man) Nathan's unconditional love for Peter saved New York, but Nathan's love would not have existed if Peter wasn't there to influence him to do the right thing. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
Bob tells Mohinder that he found Chandra's book in the parapsychology section, "in between hypnosis and alien abductions." (Four Months Later...) Eden had the ability to "hypnotize" people. (Seven Minutes to Midnight) Coincidentally, she was also Chandra Suresh's neighbor.
West describes people who are different from the rest as "aliens". In one perspective, aliens would include evolved humans, "special" people. (Four Months Later..., Flying Blind) The Company abducts "aliens". (Collision)

References to the Explosion

  • Isaac wakes in bed after painting the explosion on the floor of his apartment. While Simone tends to the bedridden Isaac, several paintings can be seen in the background: the explosion (on the floor), Peter flying, the Symbol, and Ted boiling water. (Don't Look Back) The explosion is caused by an evolved human, Peter, who uses Ted's power to destroy New York. (Fallout, Godsend, How to Stop an Exploding Man)
  • When Audrey threatens to shoot Ted, an upset Ted says, "Do you have any idea what would happen if you did that? Because I don't. Maybe I'll explode. Maybe I'll take out this whole hospital. Maybe I'll wipe out this city like an atomic bomb!" (Nothing to Hide)
  • After Isaac tells Hiro that he painted a picture of a man exploding, Hiro asks, "How to stop an exploding man?" The familiar ticking of a clock can be heard. (Fallout) Sylar was the exploding man before Future Hiro changed history. (String Theory)
  • Niki looks at a metronome, hears it's ticking, and says, "God, it sounds like a bomb is about to go off." (Distractions)
  • Meredith explodes in a fiery kaboom. (Hell's Angel)

Peter and Sylar: Two Halves of a Similar Coin

Tim Kring states in an interview that "Peter and Sylar are two halves of a similar coin."

Peter Sylar
Peter Petrelli, like Peter Parker, is an example of alliteration. Gabriel Gray, like Green Goblin, is an example of alliteration.
Peter's ability to duplicate abilities is based on empathy, connecting with people emotionally. Sylar duplicates abilities with the help of his intuitive aptitude, which is based on understanding of how things work logically.
Peter has the humble beginning of a hospital nurse. Sylar has the humble beginning of a watchmaker.
Peter's status sometimes changes from hero to villain, and vice versa. Sylar's status sometimes changes from villain to hero, and vice versa.
On a rooftop, Peter says, "It's my turn to be somebody now, Nathan!" (Genesis) At Chandra Suresh's apartment, Gabriel Gray says to Chandra, "When I was a kid, I used to wish some stranger would come and tell me my family wasn't really my family. They weren't bad people, they were just insignificant. And I wanted to be different. Special. I wanted to change. A new name, a new life. The watchmaker's son became a watchmaker. It is so futile, that I wanted to be important." (Six Months Ago)
Future Hiro tells Peter, "You told me many times how lost you felt before it all started. This is what you've been waiting for." (Hiros) Sylar tells Mohinder, "You have no idea how alone I used to feel. How insignificant. You've given me hope." (Parasite)
Peter wants to save Claire and save the world. (Homecoming) Sylar wants to kill Claire and take her ability to become unstoppable. (Homecoming)
Peter brings out fire to battle Sylar. (Five Years Gone) Sylar brings out ice to battle Peter. (Five Years Gone)
Peter goes to Nathan for advice on the explosion, but Peter hears Nathan's thoughts, and disappointedly realizes that Nathan thinks that the bomb is inevitable and will kill everyone. (How to Stop an Exploding Man) Sylar phones Mohinder for advice on why he would cause an explosion that will kill millions, but Sylar disappointedly hears Mohinder dialing 911. (The Hard Part)
Peter finds himself in Ireland, without his memory. (Four Months Later...) Sylar finds himself somewhere in Mexico, without his powers. (Kindred)


"Mutations are mostly cancers, or diseases, meant to eliminate a species. Shanti had a genetic anomaly, and that was the portal into my research. My hope is that no one will suffer as she did."

- Chandra Suresh (to Noah Bennet) (Six Months Ago)

At Gray & Sons, Gabriel Gray meets Brian Davis, a man who demonstrates his telekinesis by moving a cup across a table. After doing so, Brian asks Gabriel if he can make it go away. Sylar is shocked at his question and asks why he would want to do that. A confused Brian replies that he doesn't want his ability. Gabriel looks at Brian and exclaims, "You're broken..." Gabriel adds, "Suresh was right. It's so clear now. How it all works, pieces fitting together. It is in the brain!" Brian is relieved that Gabriel can help him, and Gabriel says, "Don't worry, Brian, I can fix it. It's an evolutionary imperative!" Brian is bludgeoned by Gabriel, and he falls to the floor.

Sylar sees evolved humans as broken. They have something wrong with their DNA--genetic mutations. Sylar wants to fix them, but the irony of it is, Sylar is the most broken one of them all. He is the one who needs to be fixed.

  • Charles Deveaux (deceased, likely had an ability) - wheelchair-bound; comatose
  • Matt Parkman - dyslexic
  • Arthur Petrelli (deceased, likely had an ability) - major depressive disorder, delusions of grandeur -- "thinking you're invincible or indestructible"
  • Shanti Suresh (deceased, likely had an ability) - the Shanti virus
  • Charlie Andrews (deceased) - blood clot in her brain, inches away from an aneurysm
  • Peter Petrelli - comatose after absorbing so many abilities
  • Sylar - psychotic mind, Bennet: "I think you're insane. I think the infusion of so many alterations to your DNA has corrupted your mind. All this power is degrading you."; obsessive-compulsive disorder (possibly), feels that he has a need to fix things
  • Molly Walker - the Shanti virus, neuro-degrading virus (prevented ability access), nucleotides decomposing, nervous system being destroyed
  • Niki Sanders (presumably deceased) - dissociative identity disorder, Bob tells Niki that when abilities manifest, "a fracture of sorts" can often result.
  • Hana Gitelman (deceased) - possibly had Asperger's Syndrome (possibly), Mossad psychological profile explicitly suggests, citing a "difficulty in understanding the subtext of social interactions"
  • Nathan Petrelli (presumably deceased) - saw disfigured reflection, alter ego
  • Elle Bishop - diagnosed as a sociopath with paranoid delusions; sadistic

"Had to be a hero, didn't you? Got it out of your system now?"

"I finally get it now, Nathan. I have these dreams, and when I'm around someone with an ability, I can do what they can do."

"You look like hell."

"And I was with that girl and that guy that was trying to kill that girl. And this cop, I think he was reading my mind. They were all like us."


- Nathan, Peter (Fallout)

Brain Eating

Sylar's tummy is hurtin'.
  • Mohinder finds a cassette of a conversation his father had with Sylar. Sylar says, "The hunger, it's -- I can't control it. I don't want to. You made me this way." (Don't Look Back)
  • When Hiro time travels to November 8th New York, he is interrogated by a NYPD detective who asks him, "What I wanna know is what did you do with the man's brain? You flush it down the toilet, you eat it, what?" (Don't Look Back)
  • While Sylar is in his comfy chair, he yells at Mohinder, "Give me that damn list so I can sink my teeth in!" (Parasite)
  • When Virginia asks Sylar if he wants a tuna fish sandwich, Sylar replies that he isn't hungry, presumably because he just ate Isaac's brain. (The Hard Part)
  • Molly says, "You can't stop the boogeyman. He sees into your soul, and then he eats your brain." (The Hard Part)
  • Sylar's mouth is bloodied after he is stabbed by Hiro. Soon after, he has a vision of himself with a bloody mouth. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
  • After Sylar finishes with Candice's brain, he grabs his stomach in pain. (Kindred)

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