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Timeline edit

Pre-eclipseOctober 2006

October 1, 2006


October 2, 2006

Don't Look Back

Hiro plays with time
  • In Tokyo (1:47 p.m. local time, 12:47 a.m. EDT), Hiro Nakamura succeeds in making time go back. (Genesis)
  • Peter attempts to fly by leaping off of a building; Nathan flies up and tries to catch him, but Peter slips. (Genesis)
  • Claire reads a newspaper article about the train wreck. The paper is dated October 2nd.
  • Niki Sanders wakes up, and finds that Linderman's thugs have been murdered.
    • She speaks with Micah, and says she'll be there in 5 minutes. She attempts to watch the tape and blacks out again.
    • She gets another call, now 4 hours have passed.
  • In Tokyo, Hiro and Ando are at a bar after work. Hiro teleports himself into the women's bathroom. Later (11:43 p.m. local time, 10:43 a.m. EDT), while riding the subway, Hiro teleports himself to New York, NY in the future. (Genesis)
    • He teleports back to the subway and not a minute has passed.
    • Having witnessed the explosion in the future, Hiro realizes his mission. He goes to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial to remember his grandfather, and vows not to let another nuclear explosion happen again. (The Crane)
  • Mohinder returns to his apartment and finds an unwelcome visitor, the exterminator. They fight, and Mohinder meets his neighbor Eden.
  • Officer Ramsford is interviewing the cheerleaders, because one of them rescued the firefighter from the train crash. Jackie claims it was her.
  • Peter is in the hospital, after being injured in the fall
    • Later at night time, Peter confronts Nathan about their shared ability to fly. Nathan denies it, but Peter proceeds to levitate about 3 feet above the ground. (Don't Look Back)
  • Matt Parkman is standing patrol outside of the Walkers' murder scene. This is the first distinct instance of his power of telepathy.
  • That night, Niki buries the bodies of Linderman's thugs in the desert. She finds the bodies of D.L.'s crew, specifically a skull ring.

Possible Future

November 8, 2006

  • After using his power, Hiro teleports to Times Square, New York, NY. (Genesis)
  • At a newsstand, he finds 9th Wonders!, Issue #14, with a prophetic drawing of himself on the cover. Using the address in the comic book, he travels to Isaac's studio, only to find Isaac dead on the floor, his head mutilated. He is questioned by Detective Furakowa about the murder. Together, they call Ando, who claims to not have seen Hiro in 5 weeks. Hiro is confused to learn that the date is November 8th. To prove the date to Hiro, the detective shows him a newspaper which reads "Petrelli Wins in Landslide". There is a sonic boom, and looking out the window, Hiro witnesses the explosion. In a panic, he teleports back to the present to Tokyo. (Don't Look Back)

Timeline edit

Pre-eclipseOctober 2006