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Noah's notes
Some pictures on the carnival wall.jpg
Just a small section of Noah's notes.

First mentioned: Shadowboxing
Owned by: Noah Bennet
Current status: In Noah's possesion

Obsessed with finding out about the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, Noah keeps a collection of notes.



At his apartment, Noah is going over the information he's compiled on the clippings, including the destruction of a manor in a sinkhole, on which he has written "Samuel".


Claire is studying the news clippings that Noah has been collecting about the compass and Samuel's activities. He explains that it's all connected to Samuel, the man who tried to offer Claire a normal life.

The Fifth Stage

Noah is considering the board where he has newspaper articles on the compass pinned up. Lauren then arrives and sees the clippings.

Close to You

Noah and Lauren study all of the clippings that Noah has collected.

The Art of Deception

Pictures of Samuel, Vanessa, The Wheelers' estate and a poster for the carnival are seen amongst the notes.

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