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User:Mr. muggles mike/Neighbourhood Life/Episode:The Team

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The Team
Volume: One
Episode Number: 5
First aired: May 2nd 2010
Dust to dust.jpg
Written by: Mr. muggles mike
Directed by: Mr. muggles mike
Next episode: My Mother



Rose walked up the stairs to find her husband on the computer.

"Alex, have you found anything else?"

Alex turned quickly.

"No, not yet."

Rose looked at a file on the desk.

"Whats this?"

"Oh yer, I was ment to talk to you about that."

"Is this the file on The Team?"

"Yer, but they broke up years know if they have any relatives?"

"I'm pretty sure Yookie has a brother and Susan has a nephew."


Suddently the door burst opan and Rose used her ability to turn very small and Alex turned into a snake and slithed away.

5 Hours Earlier...

Miss Galore answered the door to find Yookie standing at her doorstep.


Miss Galore put her hands on Yookie's face.

Suddently Yookie turned into a bunch of flies and flew to the other side of the room, only to reform again.

"Don't touch me!"

Miss Galore sat down and called Yookie over.

"Yookie, one of my students took the list."

"I knew we couldn't trust you with that list!"

Miss Galore picked up the phone and began to talk to someone.

"Who are you calling?"

"Michael Jameson"

Present Day...

James was still shaken from the vision he saw and Jenny was trying her best to make him feel better.

Derick picked up his phone.


"Hello Derick, Its me."

"Oh, Hi Grandma."

"Derick I called you because I painted another picture."


"Its a picture of a blond woman... breaking out of, what seems to be a prison."

"Ok, Thanks for telling me."

Jenny was still studing the list she had picked up from the classroom all the names were crossed out going down.

Jenny looked down and the crosses stoppped at one name.

She showed James the paper and pointed to his mother's name.