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Interview:Shalim Ortiz

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Heroes Wiki has done a interview with Shalim Ortiz, who portrayed Alejandro Herrera in season two of Heroes. This interview was done by skywalkerrbf.

What was it like working on Heroes? Was it different from any other jobs you have had?

Well, there are many key differences... This is a question that has many answers. When it comes to the cast, and the people involved in the show, it's like a big family... Everyone really cares about each other. I can't mention one prima donna on the show, everyone's feet are well grounded. You don't really get that on every set.

What was it like to work with Dania Ramírez? Almost all of your scenes were with her.

Well, we had two choices, we either get along... or get along! jejeje... She's a sweetheart,very professional, very method. The days we would have an intense scene, she would not break character for one second. Now, at the same time when they would say "it's a wrap," she would be the first one with a smile and giggly! (We did it!)

If you could have had a scene with any other cast member, who would it have been?

Mmm, it was a real treat to have scenes with Zachary Quinto (Sylar). He has to be one of the coolest characters in the show, and has an amazing personality. He is nothing like his character in real life. (I bet that's one of the top questions they ask him). If I had to choose anyone else, I would have to say Adrian Pasdar. I think he's very professional, and a great person.

Do you have any stories from the set?

Hmmmm... plenty. A funny anecdote is that when we would do all the action scenes, for some reason, they would style my hair so well, that it never got messed up!. So Michael Green came up to me and said, "What does it take for your hair to look messy?" My answer was, "Good question."

Did you have any lines or scenes which were cut from the final episodes? Any chance we will see them on the DVD?

Well, there are definitely a lot of features and extras you'll be able to get on the DVD... You know how these guys do it. I think all the episodes were pretty true towards what we shot. Then again, you never really know how the final product's gonna be until you see it on the screen.

There has been a lot of fan speculation about Alejandro's power. Some people think it might be the same as Maya's, or it might be able to cure all diseases or reverse all powers. What's your view on it?

My view from day one on Alejandro and Maya, was that they introduced another angle on these "genetic alterations". I never personally called it a "power". It was something that connected Alejandro with Maya... It was a way to introduce something new to the show, without the need of a "mainstream" power. My younger brother and sister are twins, so I used a lot their relationship for the character.

Also do you have a name for Alejandro's power?

Well the name that was going around for Alejandro was usually the "healer" because he would save anyone that Maya was "killing" with her virus. Also the "neutralizer", I personally never had a name for it.

Did you watch Heroes before you took the part? Do you still watch it now?

Definitely, I caught up on Season One about three weeks into shooting it. I was speechless by the writing and style of the show. Loved it since day one.

What went through your mind when you learned that your character was going to be killed?

Well, I never really took "detaching from the character" workshops, so it always takes me a little while to remove myself from a character I'm playing. I'm definitely mastering the art though! It is imperative for any actor to detach of any character they're playing the moment they say "its a wrap!" In Alejandro's case, Tim Kring called me to give me the news that his last episode was coming up... You know, there's always a little "sadness," but they truth is Alejandro's run was great for me. I really loved playing this guy. I mean, you really have to love your sister in order to go through all he did, and still stand by her. I really identified myself with his loyalty to his sister. It's the way I feel towards the people I love. All or nothing.

Was there an alternate ending initially planned, with Alejandro surviving? A lot of things were changed because of the strike.

I have a feeling there was. I can't really confirm this, because you can ask any castmates, and the Heroes team has always been known for being very "private." They like to keep many things from the cast, so that whatever comes takes them somewhat by surprise. This all translates to their performance. The truth is that the strike did cause a lot of damage in every show, especially on this one, considering we were halfway down the storyline. You can't quote me on whether there was an alternate ending or not.

Is it possible that Alejandro will be returning to Season Three? Or is Alejandro undeniably dead?

Well, never say never! Especially on a show like this one. As an actor, I'm just excited about my upcoming projects. I'm producing my first film which is a graphic novel-inspired "action packed" feature called Riptide. I'm also starting some new films including Caminando (with Pliar Bardem and Monica Cruz). And you never know, maybe Alejandro could come back some way. With the nature of this show, all things are possible.

What work are you doing at the moment? Your website mentions a film you had been shooting, Second Honeymoon, with Cheech Marin and Jason Priestley. Are you still filming that? Can you tell us anything about your role in the film and when it is/will be released?

Second Honeymoon comes out in October. It is a "feel good" story about when the impossible becomes possible. It was a pleasure working with Jason Priestly and Cheech... I was a fan of both before I learned we'd be on set together!... There are a lot of other surprises on the way. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your time and for doing this interview, it really means a lot.

It was my pleasure... thank you guys for the support and love for "Alejandro Herrera", it won't go unnoticed. : )

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