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Interview:Kavi Ladnier

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On the 11th of September, Heroes Wiki conducted a interview with Kavi Ladnier. who portrayed Mira Shenoy in Seven Minutes to Midnight. This interview was done by skywalkerrbf.

Did you watch Heroes before you took the part? Do you still watch it now? 

I was a part of the very first season so as I recall it had just begun to air when I shot my Episode (#8, Season One). 
I watched Season One religiously, not so much Season Two due to a very busy schedule, but I am psyched for this upcoming season.
Everything was new, the actors were not yet all HUGE stars and there was the vibe that something amazing was being created.

If so do you have a favorite character or episode?

I loved the Episode that aired right after mine when Claire and Sylar meet face to face and Peter saves her. 
As for characters, i just love how so many have developed from the beginning. There have been some cool transformations.

What was it like to work with Sendhil Ramamurthy?
Sendhil was awesome. He and I got along really well and the whole experience was a lot of fun. And I loved the director Peter and the folks in hair and makeup. 

Do you have any stories from the set? 
I was struck at how supportive everyone was. Nearly all the characters had separate story lines early on so there was no 'need' to really be where others were shooting, but both Milo and Greg stopped by and both were very sweet and complimentary to me when I saw them later.  I saw Masi first in the trailer the first  morning and it was cool because it was already very clear that his character would hold a special place and he seemed kinda shy. It is funny looking back because there was this feeling, and now we all know how successful they all and the show have become. I do remember that on my second day of shooting the TV Guide article mentioning Sendhil as "McSpicy" (as in McDreamy and McSteamy from Greys) came out and we all gave him a bit of hard time.

Did you have any lines which were cut from the final episode? 

It was a while ago so I don't remember the lines, but there were a few that were cut. Though there was good chemistry between us, Sendhil and I both noticed that certain moments that would have really established that chemistry were cut, but looking back it seemed odd to bring a potential love(ex) into the picture then when his focus was on saving the world.

Did you enjoy working on Heroes? Was it different from any other jobs you have had?

I loved working on Heroes. I was different in that it was my first job on a new show that had a lot of buzz and excitement swirling around it.  It was exciting to be a part of that.

If you could have any power, then what would it be?

Hmm. I would make people tap into their true feelings, deal with their feelings and get on with their lives. The chances, of course of that happening, all good intentions aside, are nil since we are absolutely not in control of others feelings and actions.  I wish I had a 'true happiness making power', but we gotta find that one for ourselves. 

You have worked with your daughter Leela, what was this like?

Amazing! She is so much fun as a person, and on set she is really in her element... at the time she was 3 and she loved every second of it. So did I!

Would you like to return to Heroes if you have the chance?

Absolutely. I pray it works out. I (as Mira:) was actually a little jealous when I saw the picture of Mohinder and Maya in TV Guide. It was like "Hey, that's my man!" and then I remembered it was just Sendhil and Dania. Oh well... but I do hope Mira comes back in the picture. Maybe all the genetic research she is doing has uncovered something that will help or hurt the cause. So Tim Kring, if you're reading this... Mira wants another chance with Mohinder:)

Can you tell us about any work you are doing currently?

I starred in the feature film 'KARMA CALLING' directed by Sarba Das. It is done and is starting the rounds. You can check out a trailer at 

I am currently being featured in a documentary about working actresses in Los Angeles directed by Rebecca Hu. The doc will be shot through October.  

I am also a recurring guest star on a web series called 'The Resistance Series' directed by award winning director Adrian Picardi. I am not in this trailer (maybe starting Episode 5?) but it worth checking it and the teasers out on on YouTube. The series is very unique, amazingly shot and has gotten a lot of interest so I am looking forward to that coming out sometime soon.

I am slated to star in the feature film "JOY LIES' in Dallas, directed by Sai Selvarajan. 

I starred in JP Chan's short film  'DRY CLEAN ONLY'  which has screened at 18 festivals, was a Finalist at the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival and a Prize winner at the 2008 PBS Independent Lens Film Festival. It is airing online with the PBS festival from Dec 2007-Dec 2008. Check out  'DRY CLEAN ONLY' here.    

In the midst of all of this and countless auditions and motherhood I am also starting my own production company called LEELU- PIE PRODUCTIONS.

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