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Interview:Brian Prescott

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On the 12th of August, 2008, skywalkerrbf conducted a interview with Brian Prescott, who played Agent Howard in the webisodes.

What made you decide to join the webisode series?
The same casting office that hired me for a recurring role on last season's Cane brought me in to read for the webseries. It was quite a different role from what I did on Cane which was chiefly comedic, but they trusted I would make some unique, solid choices. Agent Howard was described as a menacing force, but the director, producers and I all agreed that what makes my character even more menacing is that slight smile and ease. The script made it clear that my associate, the constrictor, would be the muscle out of the two of us; so I was free to make my choices with a more wry sense of humor. This is what appealed to me in the role.

How long did you spend filming the webisode series?
We shot all three webisodes in three days and I finished the first day; on account of my death. We did have a table reading earlier in the week where the entire production staff attended.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?
Being a fan of comic books and superheroes, I've had plenty of these conversations as a kid. I never picked flying because I felt like you would constantly be cold up in the stratosphere and you would need goggles just to see at those speeds. Unless you had the strength and invincibility of Superman, flying would seem more like a curse. I never picked invisibility, because I didn't want to run around everywhere naked. I never picked mind-reading because I never wanted to know what people actually thought about me. I'd probably pick super strength to be able to crush somebody who was a bully. I'm a sweet guy in real life, but I am so glad I don't have super powers because I'm sure I would turn evil.

Did you enjoy your time working on the webisodes? Was it different from any other work you have done?
I was thrilled to be a part of Heroes! Webseries or not, it was a real treat. There was no real difference between this or any other set I worked on except that on Heroes, I was invited to a very special table reading where all three webisodes were debated. Allan Arkush and Dennis Hammer, executive producers of the show were there with their comments. Along with the director, Yule Caise, they were very much involved with the pacing, the length, the story, the character development, everything. Even down to what happens to the cat in the second webisode or how my character would pull his weapon. NBC was committed to these webisodes and I trusted their experience. The collaboration was very exciting and it meant a lot to me that the director and producers were so involved in my character.

Do you wish you had more development before you were killed off?
Sure I do! But in a way, it makes it a bit more mysterious this way. Short and sweet.

Did you watch Heroes before you were cast? If so do you have a favorite character from the show?
Yes, I've watched Heroes from the beginning. There is something extra exciting when you book work on a show that you are also a fan of. And something special about being on the studio lot, and then Ali Larter walks by with her sunglasses and cell phone and you just say, "Wow"!

I was sad to see you die so soon, any chance you might return from the dead?
Well, thank you! I think it was important for Echo to kill. Important for his character development and for the story they are telling. I wasn't sad to die, but as an actor, saw it as a wonderful opportunity to have a juicy death scene! There is always a chance to come back on a show like Heroes, in flashbacks or what have you; but there are no plans.

You have done TV and theater work; which do you prefer and why?
Hmm. I always used to say that if I could make a living out of doing theater, then that would be my dream job. I still feel that way. Just so few opportunities that pay any significant money. But there is nothing quite like seeing yourself on the big screen! I had a role in last summer's Transformers opposite Jon Voight and it was a thrill going to the IMAX theater and cheering amongst everyone else.

Can you tell us about any other future work you are doing?
Next for me is the true story feature film, Changeling, directed by Clint Eastwood and produced by Ron Howard. I will play the bailiff in this 1920s crime drama starring Angelina Jolie. Changeling competed for the Palm d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and did very well. Domestic theatrical release will be late October 2008.

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