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Where Is Hiro?

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Where Is Hiro?
Where Is Hiro?.jpg

First mentioned: February 9, 2010

Where is Hiro? is an online search-and-find game on


Following the Season Four finale, NBC released a new game on its website where users must find Hiro in a series of photographs. Points are awarded to users for the speed with which they locate Hiro, as the photographs are only shown for a limited amount of time. The eleven photographs are from significant moments in history, and Hiro's presence at the events is assumed to be a result of his ability to time travel.

1910: Leaning Tower of Pisa

1910 Leaning Tower of Pisa.jpg

Hiro is located in the center of the photograph, under one of the arches on the tower.

Unknown: The Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Cheops

Unknown The Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Cheops.jpg

Hiro is located on the far left of the photograph, standing with another person.

1930: NY March against prohibition

1930 NY March against prohibition.jpg

Hiro is located on the far right side of the photograph.

1920: Protest against Prohibition

1920 Protest against Prohibition.jpg

Hiro is located on the very bottom of the photograph, about one-third of the way across from the left.

1927: Celebration for Amelia Earhart

1927 Celebration for Amelia Earhart.jpg

Hiro is located in the top left corner of the photograph, and is one of the few people in the crowd not wearing a hat.

1905: Immigrants at Ellis Island

1905 Immigrants at Ellis Island.jpg

Hiro is located in the top left of the photograph, just to the right of the building.

1897: The Paris Carnival

1897 The Paris Carnival.jpg

Hiro is located in the lower right corner of the photograph, right next to the tree that is the closest in the foreground.

1888: Construction of the Eiffel Tower

1888 Construction of the Eiffel Tower.jpg

Hiro is located in the top right of the photograph, on a platform below one of the four large arches of the tower.

1861: Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln

1861 Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln.jpg

Hiro is located in the center of the photograph, on the top row of people, just to the left of one of the columns.

1931: Capture of Al Capone

1931 Capture of Al Capone.jpg

Hiro is the furthest person on the left side of the photograph.

1989: The Fall of the Berlin Wall

1989 The Fall of the Berlin Wall.jpg

Hiro is located in the top right quadrant of the photograph, between a person in a white coat and a person in a dark brown jacket with tan stripes.

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