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Global News Interactive

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Global News Interactive
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First mentioned: December 13, 2007

The news outlet Global News Interactive provides a news documentary about the life and accomplishments of Richard Drucker.


Global News Interactive is a news service. Reporters for GNI include Ngozi Badu, Alistair Coles, and Layla Jesrani. The report on Richard Drucker was released by Global News Interactive in two parts, which Hana Gitelman posted to her blog on December 13, 2007, in four clips.

Part 1, Clip 1

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After the introductory animation, Alistair Coles and Ngozi Badu introduce Global News Interactive, themselves, and the night's story about Richard Drucker. Alistair introduces Drucker as an orphaned young boy who dreamed of changing the world. Ngozi adds that he was nurtured by the kindness of strangers and that he was one of the greatest innovators of our time. Alistair states that he was the "godfather of the internet", and Ngozi adds that he is rumored to be worth billions. The reporters then introduce Layla Jesrani, their field corespondent. Layla reports that Drucker was born in 1943 during the height of World War II. She reports that during the war concentration camps took many lives. She also reports that, with limited communication, freedom fighters took up arms against the Nazis. Layla reports that Drucker was born in a forest and was then only known known as David. She says that, according to unconfirmed records, David was born to Ruth Meisner and a freedom fighter named Rooijker. She tells the viewers that next, Global News Interactive will hear from tech tycoon and Drucker historian, Charlie Svenson.

Part 1, Clip 2

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Layla welcomes the viewers back to the report on Drucker. She then introduces Charlie Svenson, who states that Drucker was left for dead in a forest when his mother was captured and interred at Auschwitz in 1944. Svenson goes on to report that Drucker's father found him and smuggled him into Spain and left him on the steps of a monastery. Layla Jesrani states that after the war ended, no one came to claim Drucker, so the monastery sent him overseas to Argentina, where he was adopted by the Vasquez family. Ricardo, his adoptive father and a member of Argentina's elite, gave him the name "Drucker", combining the names on the monastery papers: Don Rucker was a phonetic misspelling of Rooijker's name. Layla then shows the viewers Drucker's childhood drawings, calling attention to the radio wave like clouds in them, showing Drucker's fascination with mass communication at a young age.

In Argentina, Drucker was well-educated and was active in the revolutionary spirit of the times. Believing that mass communication was the key to changing the world, he aligned himself with a group of young revolutionaries whose goal it was to improve the education of South America's poorest citizens. His motto became "Democratize survival!"

Alistair Coles and Ngozi Badu close part one of the video and sign off, inviting viewers to watch part two.

Part 2, Clip 3

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After the introductory animation, Alistair Coles and Ngozi Badu introduce Global News Interactive and themselves. They introduce Layla Jesrani and their continuation of their story about Richard Drucker. Layla states that Bangalore is considered the "Silicon Valley" of India. She states that in addition to the hard work and innovation that made this possible, many attribute the city's status to the work of Richard Drucker.

Layla then continues her narration of Drucker's journey. She reports that Drucker traveled from South America to Virginia, where he took up the name Richard, a nod to his adoptive father. She reports that Drucker attended the University of Virginia where he formed a secret society, which, according to some, still exists today. She reports that, during college, Drucker met Charles Deveaux.

Charlie Svenson adds that Drucker and Deveaux saw Miles Davis play, and frequented jazz clubs in New York City, where Drucker laid the foundations for a global web of communications. Additionally, he was involved with a group of friends with like ideals, but, in 1977, Drucker split and moved to Bangalore.

Alistair tells the viewers that next, they will hear about the years Drucker spent in India.

Part 2, Clip 4

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Alistair Coles welcomes the viewers back, and introduces Zhang Yang, a friend of Drucker and President/CEO of Yang Industries, with whom the have obtained an exclusive interview.

Yang explains how Drucker was in India in the 1980s, looking for someone to help him change the world. Yang says that when he asked Drucker how he wanted to do that, he was presented with a rubber band ball. Yang explains how Drucker imagined that the right people in the right places would create a system of global communication more complex than the telephone.

Charlie Svenson likens Drucker's vision to a that the rubber band ball--classic Drucker; independent, yet interconnected. Svenson states that anyone could add to it, and Drucker could get rich.

Yang describes Drucker as somewhat of an enigma in that he scoured the world looking for like-minded individuals who shared his visions, but then disappeared. Yang states that Drucker's vision was that of a world of freedom, knowledge, and communication--a digital revolution. Calling Drucker his hero, Yang felt the need to speak out to pass on history and inspire future generations.

Layla Jesrani remarks that, after 20 years, the world is finally seeing the fruits of Drucker's labors. She also comments that even after their team's extensive research, Drucker remains a mystery. Svenson comments that Drucker invented the internet, yet refuses to take credit for it, paralleling him to the man who invented the polio vaccine, but didn't want to patent it. Layla adds that perhaps, this was part of Drucker's plan. She then signs off.

Alistair states that unconfirmed reports have currently placed him in Bhutan, while other reports say that he died long ago, and that like the man himself, the fact of Drucker's existence remains a mystery. Ngozi Badu invites viewers to email any leads on Drucker to Alistair and Ngozi then sign off.


  • On IMDb, the documentary is called "The Drucker Files".
  • The documentary shows and explains several items previously discovered by Micah at
    • Portions of crayon drawings he made at a young age contained wavy lines in the sky (The documentary notes them as evidence of Drucker's fascination with the world of mass communication at a young age. They are also marked with the symbol, suggestive of knowledge of his ability.)
    • A family tree linking Drucker and Hana.
    • A manuscript claiming he was left orphaned in Germany and documenting his departure from the Spanish monastery to Argentina.
    • Portions of a map marked suggestive of his arrival in Bhutan by 1977.
    • A poster of a hand holding the book Nuestro Futuro, one of Drucker's political writings.


  • The Global News Interactive pieces were shot in one day at the building for GrapeVine Productions. Most of the shoot was done in front of green screen with the exception of the interview for Charlie Svenson.
  • The desk for Alistair Coles and Ngozi Badu was a practical desk with a green screen over their shoulders (which was later changed to a shot of London).

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