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Devin's PDA

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Devin's PDA
Devin's PDA.jpg
Devin Patterson's PDA contains information about the German.

First mentioned: June 29, 2008
Assignment Tracker Link

Devin Patterson's PDA (personal digital assistant) contains evidence about the German.


In the Assignment Tracker profile for the German, a link entitled "Evidence" directs users to Devin Patterson's PDA. On, Evsdropr posted a hint to the four character password needed to enter the PDA, asking users to find the code and claiming Devin took some photos using it. The password is a reference to Devin's partner Bianca Karina: "RINA". Once solved, users can enter the code and get access to a photo album with 16 pictures.


Below is a complete gallery of the album "Ohne Titel" on Devin's PDA:


This sections note translations of any German text found in the pictures entitled with "Ohne Titel" (no title).

Bank form

  • Picture 9 is obviously a form from a Berlin bank.
  • The crossed-out field "Bankleitzahl" (bank code) had originally the digits "1234 859 00" preprinted.
  • The bold bordered area below with the word "Cent" is for the amount of transferred money
  • On the top right your can read the preprinted word "Schöneberg" (district of Berlin) printed on another bank form underneath.


The Photos 8 and 10 show prints of an online route planner. The main points are two motorway interchange points:


The Photos 5, 12 and 14 show a handwritten letter to the author's cousin. On top of it is written the same street as on the parking ticket. The original and translation of the letter:

Karl Lander Platz 1441 // W 307
Lieber Jakob,
ich hoffe, dass du diese Nachricht erhälst. Wir haben schon lange nicht mehr miteinander geredet. Ich habe mitbekommen, dass du Geld gemacht hast, und ich brauche dringend deine Hilfe, mehr als jemals zuvor, liebster Cousin. Ich habe kürzlich meinen Job in der Fabrik verloren und Ada ist hochschwanger. Ich möchte wirklich nicht so aussehen, als ob ich meine Familie nicht ernähren könnte.
Wärst du so freundlich und könntest uns Geld schicken, damit wir uns in dieser schwierigen Zeit über Wasser halten können? Ein paar tausend Euro würden uns mehr als genügen. Ich verspreche dir, das Geld wieder zurück zu bezahlen, ich wäre für immer dankbar.
Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

Karl Lander Place 1441 //(not written like the 1 in 1441) W 307
Dear Jakob,
I hope you get this message. We have not talked for a long time. I heard that you made some money, and I badly need your help, more than ever, dear cousin. I recently lost my job at the factory and Ada is in an advanced stage of pregnancy. I really donnot want to look like I cannot feed my family.
Would you be so kind to send us some money, so we can scratch a living in such uncertain times? A few thousand euros would be more than enough. I promise, to pay back the money, I would be deeply greatful.
Sincerely yours,
??? (Looks like Zara or sth like that)


On the closeup of the magazine following is scribbled with a ball pen:


  • Der verdammte Hund, ich weiss nicht, was er wirklich will


  • That damn dog, I don't know what he really wants

Outdoor photos

There are two urban outdoor photos each with handwritten annotations and arrows pointing on different spots of the buildings.

Photo 4

  • Bank im 3.Stock
  • 2 Wachleute in zivil vor dem Gebäude
  • Überwachung kontrolliert den ...bereich


  • Bank in the 4th floor (in Germany we start with the ground floor and the next is called 1st floor)
  • 2 plainclothes guards in front of the building
  • Surveillance controls the ...area

Photo 11

  • Bank / U-Bahn ca. 700m (unable to read what's written above U-Bahn top left)
  • Bank Filiale
  • Einfacher Fluchtweg per U-Bahn


  • Bank / Subway approx. 700m (765yards)
  • Branch bank
  • Easy escape via subway

Parking ticket

  • Title of the document in the 3rd picture is "Strafzettel" (parking ticket).
  • Although it is partially scratched out, the address on the ticket appears to match the address on the letter - "Karl Lander Platz 1441" (Karl Lander Plaza).
  • The date of issue is 06.2008 - due to the German date format that means June.
  • Further the end of a word is readable, what is most likely "Kennzeichen" (license plate) and the first character "B" stands for Berlin.

Shopping list

The document in the 6th picture is entitled with "Einkaufszettel" (shopping list) and includes at least 11 items:

  • Eier (eggs)
  • Milch (milk)
  • Ziegenkäse (goat cheese)
  • Wurst (cold cuts / sausage)
  • Schwarzes T-Shirt (black t-shirt)
  • Schweineschnitzel (pork cutlet)
  • Rotkohl (red cabbage)
  • Skimaske (ski mask)
  • Kartoffelsalat (Potato salad)
  • Senf (mustard)
  • Saft (juice)

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