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Hiro's messages

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Hiro's messages
Hiro's messages.jpg
Hiro Nakamura sends Heroes Evolutions participants messages and updates.

First mentioned: February 10, 2010

With the start of his blog A Hero's Quest on, Hiro Nakamura also began sending out messages. Participants in Heroes Evolutions have the option of receiving regular messages from Hiro.

Signing Up for Messages

To receive messages from Hiro, participants should go to the Hereos Evolutions sign up page on There, they should register an email address, cell phone number, and other necessary information. Shortly, users who sign up will receive text messages from 46622, and email messages from


The following is an archive of the emails from Hiro and the text messages sent to users who signed up.

Date Email Text Messages See Also
February 10, 2010 Subject:Message from Hiro Nakamura

Greetings fellow Hero!

Now that Claire Bennet has let the proverbial cat out of the bag, we have been revealed to the world. There's no telling what the repercussions of this "outing" will be, but one thing's for sure: our lives are about to change forever.

In order to aid our progress through the tough times ahead, I've set up my new blog at the Yamagato Fellowship:
It's my intention to uncover the secrets of the past to help us navigate the future. Check back every week for new insights and info.

You must decide what you're going to do now. Whether you're with a group, or on your own, the course of your destiny is entirely up to you. I'll do whatever I can to help, and I'll definitely let you know what I find out. Keep an eye out for me in the weeks ahead - I'll be in touch!

In brightest day and blackest night,

Message from Hiro Nakamura
February 22, 2010 Subject:Message from Hiro Nakamura

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm back online. Had to take a few mental health days to deal with a few things. I wrote all about it on my blog...

Anyway, my current plan is to search every square inch of Yamagato HQ. I know my father has left me a key to the door of the rabbit hole which is the Company's past. Now if I can only find it...

Let me know if you have any ideas.


Hiro ponders the legacy of the Company - what kind of world have our ancestors left for us? Back on Track
February 24, 2010 Subject:A startling discovery - is it Destiny?‏

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Amazing news! I have accidentally stumbled upon a potential treasure trove of information on the early history of the Company! It's been right under my nose this whole time...

Deep in the Yamagato basement, my father Kaito Nakamura set up his very own secret Danger Room, a kind of deep storage for his files. There's only one man alive who knows of its existence (besides me now, of course), Kenjiro, head of maintenance. The strange thing is, someone's recently been in here. They trashed the place, looking for something, and a pipe burst so it's all a big mess. I'll be taking the next several days to clean up, sort through and save what I can.

I posted the first interesting thing I found on my blog:

What do you think? Should I check it out? I'll be in touch with anything else I find of interest. Let me know if you come up with anything -

Funny how Destiny decides to just show up out of blue. Whatever it means, I feel certain that my father's Danger Room contains just what I need to unlock the secrets of the past. Now I've just got to find whatever it is I'm looking for...


Hiro found the next step on the path of Destiny, hidden away in the basement of Yamagato Industries.

What should he do next?

A Sign!
March 3, 2010 Subject:Message from Hiro Nakamura

I know you just heard from me, but I have exciting news! I just found an old Chris Coolidge 45 in my father's Danger Room. Check it out on my blog:

Is this Chris Coolidge somebody? Is there a message in his music?


Hiro found an old Chris Coolidge 45 in Kaito's Danger Room!

What should he do next?

Blast from the Past

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