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Alex Woolsly

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Alex Woolsly
Portrayed by Justin Baldoni
First appearance Building 26
In-story stats
Known ability Aquatic breathing
Alias Lyle Bennet
Nicknames Comic Book Boy,
Fish Boy
Home Costa Verde, CA
Residence Alex Woolsly's apartment
Occupation Employee at Sam's Comics
Parents Dave Woolsly,
Mrs. Woolsly
Sibling Unnamed sister

Alex Woolsly is an evolved human who can breathe underwater. He works at Sam's Comics.

Character History

Building 26

On a command from Rebel, Claire goes to the comic book shop where Alex works to warn him that the government is after him. Alex suspects a prank until Claire demonstrates her ability. Noah visits the store and claims that he wants to speak with Alex about some parking tickets. Alex throws a rack of comic books on top of him. He and Claire escape in his car. He tells Claire that his ability is to breathe underwater, which he learned about while swimming.

Later on, Claire allows him to hide in her closet.

Graphic Novel:The Swimmer

Alex thinks back over the good things in his life. His ability allowed him to become a swimming champion, his parents were proud of him, his job at Sam's Comics was helping him to save for college, and he rescued a drowning surfer after an accident at the beach. But as a fugitive from Homeland Security, his perspective on past events has changed. His swimming success made other competitors resentful, a figure in glasses was watching his family, surveillance cameras recorded him working at the store, and he wonders whether one of his friends could have betrayed him. The security he once felt has gone, but when he looks at Claire from his hiding place in her closet, he sees that some things in life are still beautiful.


Claire feeds Alex a sandwich and steals money to buy Alex a train ticket out of town. Alex tells her "this isn't the Underground Railroad and you're not Harriet Tubman." When they hear Sandra approaching, Alex hides in Claire's closet, but Mr. Muggles finds his sandwich and he makes a noise causing Sandra to discover him. Claire tells Sandra that Alex is her boyfriend and they were having sex, however Alex denies it and tells Claire to tell the truth. Sandra is both shocked at the revelation and disappointed that Claire lied to her. Later, Sandra offers to help Alex by creating a fake ID for him using Lyle's driver license. When government agents search the house, Sandra hides Alex in a secret space in the closet where Noah once stored files and weapons. The agents leave after they are unable to find him. Later, Sandra and Lyle distract the agents while Alex and Claire escape through the back. With the agents in pursuit, Claire and Alex run until they find a house with a swimming pool. As they are hiding in the pool, Alex kisses her, helping her breathe. After the agents leave, Alex escapes to the train station, presumably to begin his new life.

Shades of Gray

Talking to her mom, Claire thinks that she might be able to keep helping people with abilities and keep her family safe if she had a job. She remembers that since Alex is no longer at Sam's Comics, they might be looking for someone to fill his position.

Graphic Novel:Scenic Route

Alex is on the run from Danko's team again when he's saved by West Rosen and Noah Bennet. West distracts the helicopter and Noah has Alex jump into his car. Unfortunately they find the road blocked so Alex uses his ability to swim underwater to a cave while West flies with Noah there. Alex surfaces, surprising a tourist who takes a picture of him, but the camera is taken away by Noah. Noah tells West and Alex to hide and decides not to tell Claire. Noah can tell by Alex's embarrassed reaction that he knows Claire, but Noah decides he doesn't want to know.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 2

Aly tells Quentin that there was a guy back home who could breathe underwater, so she's understanding of evos. Quentin calls the boy back home "Fish Boy".

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 2 of The Agent, Rachel Mills is searching the web and goes to and focuses really hard on her work. Alex's name comes to her and she has to tell Danko.

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Rachel Mills's partner, Jason Pierce, gets security camera footage of an alley that Alex drove through in his car with Claire streamed to his cell phone. Rachel views the video file briefly before Rebel deletes it off the phone and Rachel's organization's servers.

In chapter 4 of The Agent, Rachel and Jason watch and search the Bennets' house, but fails to find Alex in the pantry. Later the same night, Rachel and Jason stop Sandra and Lyle in Claire's car, and then rush towards the sound of barking dogs, thinking Alex is escaping. Rachel pauses momentarily by the pool where Alex and Claire are hiding underwater but doesn't spot him.

The Civilian

In chapter 4 of The Civilian, Rachel bumps into Alex while she is looking for Amber. Alex recognises her and runs for the trees, with Rachel close behind him. Alex heads for the river, intending to use his ability to escape from her. Rachel teleports in front of him, absolutely shocking Alex. Rachel tells him that she has changed and asks for him to meet her at the diner later.

When they meet, Alex tells her that he is in Lyneboro searching for a former Company Agent named Mensen. Rachel finds him and tells Alex, then asks why he is looking for Mensen. Alex tells Rachel that he still doesn't trust her and refuses to tell her the true reason behind his arrival.

Faction Zero

In chapter 2 of Faction Zero, Lieutenant Lenks tells Rachel Mills that he hasn't seen her or any of the agents since "that Alex Woolsly thing". Lenks asks whether one terrorist in Costa Verde was enough.

In chapter 5 of Faction Zero, Alex shows up at Sam's Comics and is surprised to see Claire there. Vic offers him his old job back, which Alex accepts. Vic is happy and Alex asks to speak with Claire. Suddenly, West enters the store. Claire decides to speak with Alex and the two of them go to his new home, a pool shed. Alex explains where he thinks Thompson Jr. is hiding and tells Claire to be careful. He thanks her for everything and she leaves.

Evolved Human Abilities

Alex Woolsly possesses the ability to breathe underwater. He was able to stay underwater for about an hour, although it is unknown whether or not he ever came up for air.


  • When Quentin Frady calls Aly's friend back home "Fish Boy", there is no confirmation that this is Alex. However, in an interview, Dark Matters writer Zach Craley clears this up. He shares that he intentionally put that reference to Alex as an Easter Egg. Zach continued, "The intent was for it to be the same guy, but of course Aly would know him by a different name..."


  • Alex drives a red Volkswagen convertible with California license plates 2WAQ230.

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