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Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 1

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Into the Wild, Part 1
Issue #: 101
Released: September 1, 2008
Into the Wild, Part 1.jpg
Story by: Timm Keppler & Jim Martin
Art by: Jason Badower
Colors by: Annette Kwok
Lettering by: Comicraft
Produced by: Aspen MLT Inc.
Easter Egg: Scene from How to Stop an Exploding Man of Nathan Petrelli and Claire Bennet
Previous: Foresight
Next: Into the Wild, Part 2
Into the Wild, Part 1 title.jpg
Sabine finds way more than she bargained for.
The Company has discovered it has a mole; a mysterious figure known as Evs Dropper who has been sabotaging missions and getting Company Agents killed.
Donna and Thompson set out to uncover Evs' identity, and in doing so, have found so much more...


Sabine Hazel and Julien Dumont are driven to a cabin by a clone of Julien and his driver to meet Evs Dropper.

After Sabine and the clone put Julien to bed, Sabine demands to see Evs Dropper, which the clone refuses to do at that moment. Frustrated, she goes through a door against the clone's orders and finds many Julien clones equipped with military gear and guns. The clone shuts the door and confronts Sabine and she in turn holds him at gunpoint. The clone assures Sabine that they both want Julien safe. He also tells her that the clones are for a trap to take the Company down, and they want Sabine to join them. Sabine refuses and tells the clone that she wants to take Julien out of there. The clone states that Evs won't allow that to happen, and Sabine, enraged at the clone and hearing about Evs, hits the clone with her gun. She jams her gun under the clone's chin, and demands once again to talk to Evs and asks to know where he is. Evs places a gun to the back of Sabine's head and announces her presence. Sabine turns to address Evs, and sees that Evs is Connie Logan.

Hiding in bushes in front of the cabin, Thompson Jr. and Donna Dunlap spy on the three. Donna tells Thompson Jr. to call Gael Cruz and tell him to bring everyone he's got left. Gael, who Bianca has released, answers, stating that he is interested yet not surprised and that he is missing 100 Julien clones from their cell. Realizing Julien is in the cabin, Gael asks where they are, and that he is sending an army. Donna asks Thompson Jr. what Gael said. Thompson Jr. replies that in 30 minutes, the place is gonna be a war zone.

Inside the cabin, Sabine realizes both Julien and Connie are "Evs Dropper," and that they plan to destroy the Company altogether ensure that the Company won't come after them. Sabine believes it to be a suicide mission, as plenty had tried to destroy the Company and all had failed. Sabine appeals to Connie to allow her to take Julien to safety, as he is too fragile to go through a Company siege. Connie, however, doubts her sincerity, thinking Sabine would instead kill Julien. Connie and Sabine fight, with the clone trying to stop them. The fight spills into Julien's room with Sabine taking Connie's gun, and ends with Sabine holding Connie and the clone at gunpoint. The clone shoots the gun out of Sabine's hand, and other clones arrive and hold Sabine at gunpoint. Connie demands that, if Sabine doesn't step away from "her husband", Julien, she will be killed.

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  • This is the first time that any character ascribes a gender to Evs Dropper (Sabine says, "I want to talk to him" twice). Interestingly, this is also the first time that Evs Dropper's identity is revealed; Sabine learns firsthand that Evs is not a "him".

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