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Daphne Millbrook (exposed future)

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Daphne Millbrook
Matt's baby momma.jpg
Portrayed by Brea Grant
First appearance I Am Become Death
In-story stats
Known ability Super speed
Date of death 2011
Residences New York City,
formerly Paris, France
Occupations Agent of Pinehearst Company,
formerly a thief
Significant other Matt Parkman
Parents Mr. Millbrook,
Mrs. Millbrook (deceased)
Grandparent Daniella
Children Molly Walker (adopted),
Daniella Parkman

In a possible future, Daphne Millbrook was the wife of Matt Parkman and had a daughter with him; she was also the adoptive mother of Molly Walker. Daphne worked as an agent of Pinehearst Company.

Character History

I Am Become Death

In their apartment, Daphne is taking care of Daniella with Molly's help. Daphne and Matt discuss her work with Pinehearst, and her efforts to track down and eliminate the terrorist Peter Petrelli. Daphne pleads with Matt to have Molly locate Peter. Upon learning Peter is in Costa Verde, CA, Daphne and fellow agents Claire Bennet and Knox instantly realize that Peter has gone to visit the man formerly known as Sylar.

Daphne and the others arrive at Gabriel's home. Daphne and the others battle Gabriel and Peter. When Noah Gray is killed, Peter telekinetically knocks Daphne into a wall. Meanwhile, Gabriel explodes in a huge mushroom cloud. Daphne tries to speed away, but she is not fast enough. She arrives back in Brooklyn, her back massively burned, and collapses and dies in her husband's arms.

Graphic Novel:Resistance

At a Pinehearst facility, Daphne and Claire discuss the amount of rogue evolved humans they've captured in the day. After an explosion occurs, Daphne lamentably states that everyone is dead.

Evolved Human Abilities

Daphne is shown to use her speed to deliver powerful hits, mainly against Peter. When Peter got in her way, her speed caused them both to crash through a wooden door. She managed to use her speed to narrowly escape a nuclear explosion in Costa Verde, CA, and keep on running to New York City. She was also able to do this despite having a fatal injury resulting from the explosion.

Memorable Quotes

"I wasn't fast enough."

-Daphne (to Matt) (I Am Become Death)

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