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Howard Lemay

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Howard Lemay
Howard lemay.jpg
Portrayed by Mark Harelik
First appearance Out of Time
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Homeland Security agent
Significant other Mrs. Lemay
Child unnamed son

Howard Lemay is a high ranking official in the Department of Homeland Security.

Character History

Out of Time

After teleporting to the future, Peter meets with Howard. Howard shows Peter his own death certificate and asks how he is in New York City and why he isn't infected. When Peter asks where Caitlin is, Howard tells her she's been deported to Ireland since she isn't American. He goes on to tell Peter about the Shanti virus and how it has killed 93% of the world's population. He shows Peter a room full of dead bodies, telling him, "It's been a tough week."

Graphic Novel:Quarantine

Howard is driving along with his wife and son to reach a quarantine in Detroit, Michigan. After stopping to get gas and food, he encounters Dylan, who points a shotgun at him demanding to know if he is "clean". Howard says he is with Homeland Security and explains their situation. Dylan joins them, explaining that he was the last survivor of an outbreak in his town a month ago, and he hasn't seen anyone in ten days. They reach the quarantine center in Youngstown, and Dylan and Howard's family are led inside. After Howard radios Atlanta, Dylan begins to show symptoms inside the quarantine. Howard's wife pleads with him to let them out, but he locks them inside, knowing he can't risk letting the infection spread further.

Truth & Consequences

After a vision of the outbreak future, Adam Monroe questions Peter on what he knows about the virus that devastated that future. Peter quotes Howard about how it killed over 93 percent of the world's population and remembers that Howard, who Peter calls "that guy from Homeland Security", had called it the Shanti virus. Adam recognizes the name and tells Peter the history of the Shanti virus and the Company, giving them their first clue as to how the virus was released.


  • In a Season Two DVD commentary, it is explained that originally, Strain 138 was to be released, and Odessa, TX would be quarantined. Eventually, it would be learned that Howard was an agent of the Company, who used his position at the CDC to quarantine Odessa to ensure that the Company's existence was kept secret. He was intended to be the main villain of the originally planned Volume 3, Exodus.

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