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Heidi's surgeon

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Heidi's surgeon
Portrayed by Robert Rigamonti
First appearance Six Months Ago
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Home New York, NY
Occupation Surgeon

When Heidi Petrelli is paralyzed in the car accident, Heidi's surgeon has to deliver the bad news to her husband Nathan.

Character History

Six Months Ago

As Nathan talks to his wife's surgeon behind the glass, the shape of an eclipse is visible.

Peter Petrelli meets his brother Nathan at the hospital after Nathan's accident. Nathan explains that Heidi has been in surgery for about 10 hours. Peter, a nurse, notes that Nathan has only minor injuries (due to Nathan's levitation above most of the action). Peter then asks about the "other car" that he saw in his vision. Nathan is defensive, then admits that there was another car, and he is sure that Mr. Linderman must have found out that the DA is preparing to build a case against him, and sent some thugs to run him off the road. Heidi's surgeon interrupts, and pulls Nathan into a private area to explain his wife's condition. Nothing is heard, but Nathan is obviously upset.


After Heidi's accident, the surgeon delivers the bad news to Nathan that Heidi's spine is injured.

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