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Linderman's prosecution

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Linderman's prosecution
Lindermans prosecution dropped.jpg
Nathan tells Linderman to shave his wrists because handcuffs chafe.

First mentioned: Six Months Ago
Location: New York, NY

Because of his dubious affiliations, Mr. Linderman risked legal prosecution against him and his organization.


Six Months Ago

When Nathan Petrelli worked for the District Attorney of New York, the DA was preparing to build a case against the mob activities of Mr. Linderman and his organization. To complicate matters, Mr. Linderman had very good legal council: Nathan's father.

First, Nathan must gather evidence against Mr. Linderman's organization, so he turns to his family. At his brother Peter's graduation party, Nathan tells Peter his intentions to go after Linderman. Peter points out that Mr. Linderman is their father's biggest client and that going after Mr. Linderman will get their father in trouble as well. Nathan explains that this is an opportunity to "take the stink off the family."

On the drive home after the party, Nathan and his wife Heidi are trailed by a black SUV. Suddenly, the SUV accelerates, and proceeds to run them off the road. In a panic, Nathan flies out of the car, and the car crashes into a construction barrier.

After meeting at the hospital, Peter and Nathan talk about the accident; Nathan is sure that Mr. Linderman sent the thug to teach him a lesson. Peter agrees to help his brother go after Linderman.

Later, Peter Petrelli is preparing to go to the deposition, when Nathan comes to his door bearing news: their father has "died of a heart attack". Angela later tells Nathan and Peter that Mr. Petrelli had actually committed suicide. With his father dead, his mother in mourning, his wife paralyzed, and two children to protect, Nathan decides to call off the investigation.


At a party to celebrate Arthur and Angela Petrelli's 41st wedding anniversary, Linderman questions Nathan about the rumors that the D.A.'s office is about to launch an investigation into "all things Linderman". Nathan merely advises Linderman to shave his wrists, as "handcuffs chafe". Linderman speaks to Arthur, who says that he can't have Nathan investigating Linderman's operations, as it will reveal his own involvement in their dealings. Arthur says he owes Nathan one last chat, but that if the son takes on his father, only one will walk away. Arthur asks Nathan to drop the case, but he refuses, saying that Linderman's corruption has tainted their family for too long. Shortly afterwards, the attempt is made to run Nathan and Heidi off the road. When Nathan literally flies out of the car, Heidi is paralyzed when the car crashes. The accident makes Nathan even more determined to bring Linderman down, and Arthur is furious that Linderman has bungled the attempt on his life. Angela overhears them talking, and runs away, but Arthur erases her memory telepathically. Later Linderman uses his healing power to restore her memory, and realizing that Arthur is trying to kill their own son, Angela poisons his soup, causing the heart attack which she tells Nathan and Peter was a suicide attempt.


  • Just after Heidi's accident, Nathan began meeting with the FBI to take down Linderman. Nathan was to wear a wire and gather intelligence at the Corinthian Casino, but the sting went sour. It should be noted that the FBI's action against Linderman is not the same case as the one the District Attorney wanted Nathan to bring against Linderman, though both had similar goals. (Parasite)
  • In a question and answer session with Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite, the two writers explained why Arthur tried to have Nathan killed, rather than telepathically convince his so not to go through with the prosecution. "It was actually in a line that was cut. By killing Nathan--they'd send a very clear message to everyone in the DA's office not to pursue the Linderman case. This has been very effective in real life mob and gang cases. Arthur is very shrewd and he wanted Linderman to be feared."


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