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Neshwa Indian Reservation

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Neshwa Indian Reservation
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Location: Alaska
Purpose: Native American village

The Neshwa Indian Reservation is the location of the Kill Squad's headquarters.

Notable Locations

Notable Locations in Rowland

  • A tavern
  • A train station
  • The Kill Squad's warehouse

Notable Residents

  • A cop
  • A bartender
  • A wilderness tour guide
  • A pair of male INS agents
  • A tall lady INS agent
  • A number of dam workers

Notable Visitors

Town of Rowland

Rowland Dam


Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 5 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Pinehearst uses directions given to the undercover Pinehearst contracted player by Lloyd Collins to travel to Rowland, Alaska, where the Kill Squad is supposed to have a training facility. While most vans and buses wait outside town finding hiding spots, one van containing Carla, the player and several of Carla's RARU agents travels into town on a dirt road. Aaron Taylor and Carla join the player outside the van, and discuss surveying the town and setting up the command post. Aaron then waits in the van while Carla and the player walk through and survey the town to find a good place for the post. The town appears to be mostly a single block of shops including hardware, grocery, auto repair stores, and a bar. From the abundance of Native Americans, it appears that the town must either be in a reservation or one must be nearby. Carla also notes that there is a little warehouse district to the east, that many oil companies store supplies there, and that there is a train line that stops just outside town.

After their command post is set up, they use Aaron's aerial drone to photograph the Kill Squad's warehouse from above and notice it is occupied and surrounded by hundreds of agents. The player takes a closer look and discovers that the agents are Primatech and not Kill Squad, but a Primatech agent spots the player and a gunfight ensues. The player, though, is able to inform Carla and a ceasefire is soon reached. In their makeshift command post, Aaron Taylor gives the player a new photo from the drone, and the player rushes it into the warehouse where Carla is talking to the Primatech commander. Unfortunately, a Primatech agent recognizes the player as a Kill Squad member and the battle resumes before the player can show it to Carla. The player rushes out of the warehouse and into the forest, but is followed by a Primatech agent and caught by him. Explaining that he needs to see the photo or they will all die, the agent allows the player to turn around to show him the photo. In the photo, Red Eye and Anna are running through a clearing near a river, and in front of them is a dam.

Operation Splinter

In chapter 5 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, a Primatech convoy travels to into the reservation while heading towards the coordinates Red Eye had discovered were for the Kill Squad's headquarters. Since the coordinates lead to empty wilderness, the convoy heads towards the nearest town of Rowland, Alaska and stops just outside forming a command post. Jeremy Woo and the Primatech contracted player then go to the town's main street to search for leads, Marie Dunn leads some agents in patrolling the area, and Tim Pope stays at their makeshift base. Jeremy and the player enter the town's sole tavern and speak with the bartender, a tour guide and a tall female INS worker to get some leads. Following their tips, they travel to a home on the west side of town where a birthday party is being held and then to an abandoned bus behind the old loading dock on the north side of town. Jeremy and the player break into the bus and talk to two male INS agents who are watching the bus for smugglers to return.

The player and Jeremy then head to a train station on the edge of town. The station consists mainly of the train tracks, a concrete loading dock, and a single, empty railroad car rusting to one side. There is also a storage building by the dock that is boarded up and padlocked, but on one side is an office door that Jeremy and the player successfully pick and use to go inside. The building contains several crates of explosives, and a few crates appear to be missing. A local cop then arrives to the building and tells Jeremy and the player where to find the warehouse that is the Kill Squad's headquarters. Primatech agents go to the warehouse and, finding no one there, begin packing up the documents and other things of the Kill Squad for later examination. Jeremy, the player, Marie, and Tim then meet in the basement of the warehouse, where there is a dormitory with beds for about twenty men. However, next, the warehouse comes under fire and a gas tank explodes outside. Not thinking the attackers are Kill Squad members, the Primatech agents ceasefire and surrender. However, the Primatech contracted player mentions one of the other party's men looks like a Kill Squad member and the battle resumes. The Primatech contracted player rushes after the man into the forest, but loses him. The man has doubled back and catches the player from behind. The man claims to be a Pinehearst contractor that worked undercover in the Kill Squad and is shows the player a photograph taken by Aaron's aerial drone. The photo displays Red Eye and Anna heading for a dam.


  • There is no known Neshwa Indian Reservation or town of Rowland, Alaska, in reality. The latitude, longitude coordinates of 60, -139, respectively, do correspond to a portion of empty wilderness on the Alaskan-Canadian border as specified in chapter 5 of Operation Splinter. The coordinates are between Canada's Yukon Territory's Kluane National Park and Reserve to the north, and Alaska's Tongass National Forest to the south.


  • Neshwa is the Shawnee word for the number "two".

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